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Good Wright Hunting

Good Wright Hunting

It’s hard to tell whether David Wright’s vow to stay with the New York Mets is honorable or just stubborn in the way Matt Damon was in “Good Will Hunting”. On the one hand, him not leaving for greener pastures is the way players used to do business during those grittier times of the deadball era. It’s such a respect for the game athletes don’t seem to have anymore. In a world where the Mark Tiexiera’s, Alex Rodriguez’s, CC Sabathia’s, and Albert Pujols’ amscray from the awful teams they grew up in, David Wright honorably stays put for a lesser pay and a small margin of ever winning a championship. Ya gotta believe, right?

On the other hand, you couldn’t blame him if he finally moved on westward. Every time Wright hits a homerun or spins a brilliant defensive webgem, it’s almost like the Matt Damon moment of solving those genius math problems on an M.I.T. blackboard. Yeah, it’s an amazing feat, but when you call Southie or Citi your home, how far are you really going to get? Maybe you’ll get some respect around the neighborhood but what good for the world can you really do then? A legend’s legacy isn’t something he keeps for himself. He shares it with the rest of the world to inspire some kid from Southie (or Citi in this case) to let him know there is a way out. All David Wright needs is Daniel Murphy to play the role of Ben Affleck during the construction yard speech in GWH:

Daniel: Are the Steinbrenner’s hookin’ ya up with a job?
David: Yeah, sit on third base all day and win championships for the next fifty years.
Daniel: Probably make some nice bank, though.
David: I’m gonna be anotha rat on a monument.
Daniel: Better than this shit. It’s a way outta Citi.
David: What do I want a way outta here for? I mean, I’m gonna fuckin’ live here the rest of my life. You know, we’ll be neighbors, you know, we’ll have little Hall of Fame Rings. Fuckin’ take ‘em to Metlife with Geno.
Daniel: Look, you’re my best friend, so don’t take this the wrong way. In twenty years, if you’re still playin’ here, comin’ over to my booth to call the Mets games, still workin’ Citi, I’ll fuckin’ kill you. That’s not a threat. Now, that’s a fact. I’ll fuckin’ kill you. Hit ya over da head with Straw’s 20 year sobriety ring they give ya ova in AA.
David: What the fuck are you talkin’ about?
Daniel: Look, you got somethin’ that none of us–
David: Oh, come on! Why is it always this, I mean, I fuckin’ owe it to myself to do this? What if I don’t want to go to the Bronx?
Daniel: Alright. No. No no. Fuck you. You don’t owe it to yourself. You owe it to me. ‘Cause tomorrow I’m gonna wake up and I’ll be fifty and I’ll still be announcing this shit. And that’s all right, that’s fine. I mean, you’re sittin’ on a winning championship ticket and you’re too much of a pussy to cash it in. And that’s bullshit `cause I’d do anything to create some double plays with Jeta! So would any of these fuckin’ guys. Look at fuckin’ Felicano. It’d be an insult to us if you’re still here in twenty years. Hanging around here is a fuckin’ waste of your time.
David: You don’t know that.
Daniel: I don’t?
David: No. You don’t know that.
Daniel: Oh, I don’t know that. Let me tell you what I do know. Every day I come by to pick up ya up, and we go out, we have a rounds at the batting cages, and a few laughs, and it’s great. But you know what the best part of my day is? It’s for about ten seconds from when I pull up to ya Forest Hills apartment. Because I think maybe I’ll get up there and I’ll knock on ya door and you won’t be there. Steinbrenna contract signed. No goodbye. No see you later. No nothin’. Just left.

There will come a time when the Alex Rodriguez departure from the Yankees -whether it’s by force or by his own volition- will happen and then the elephant in the room will need to be addressed. At about that time David Wright will find himself in a position Damon was in after Batffleck’s Good Will Hunting speech. Either stay around with the boys and continue sharing those laughs which come as a necessity to hide the pain of losing, or go westbound on the Long Island Expressway to solidify his already respectful legacy with championship rings.

Now if David Wright stayed and laughed away the pain with Pedro Feleciano, Daisuke Matsuzaka, Daniel Murphy, Lucas Duda, and Eric Young, would it be legitimate? They stay on the Mets and fuck with uptight gudios in some club in the city for fun (Do ya like apples?) to avoid the thought of being completely valueless on any other team. David Wright has no excuse to do these things. By doing that he’d doing what Sonny begged C not to do in A Bronx Tale; waste his talent. If there’s anything we learned from that movie it’s that the saddest thing in the world is to waste talent.

Alex Rodriguez can play the role of the douchebag M.I.T. mathematician in this article. Sure he has the talent and experience, but heart and balls is something he lacks. It’s almost like the awards A-Rod collected throughout his career are just ways to show off and get prime pieces of pussy in the middle of playoff games and when he visits Monday Night Raw to pick up a Diva like Torrie Wilson.

David Wright might not be as experienced but I doubt his play on the field is taking a hit because he spends too much time performing kabalic tantric sex rituals with Madonna. You’ll also never see him giving his number to two broads in the front row while his team is being massacred by the Detroit Tigers in the playoffs. During that time David Wright would probably swing his bat against the ground after a strikeout or Kevin Brown the fuck out of his hand against a wall.

During a 2009 interview with the Daily News this is what Wright had to say about pressure situations:

“Everybody wants to talk about that at-bat. Again, I wanted to be the guy up there in that situation, be the guy who is clutch. To me, I didn’t get the job done, I ended up swinging at a pitch outside the zone, but I didn’t buckle under the pressure. I felt like I just didn’t execute.”

When was the last time Alex Rodriguez ever said anything like that when his at-bats in pressure situations left a stench that reached all the way down to the low levels of Ktulu’s brimstone fart dungeon where his minions are stored?

During this article I left out one important Good Will Hunting comparison and that’s the role of Robin Williams. The only person that can truly fit this role is every hardcore Mets fan. Mets fans have seen the lowest of the low and highest of the high -while getting high with their players in the 80’s- and have won the right to be the cool equivalent of the funny professor at community college. You see how brilliant they are and respect the fact they chose the love of the Mets over any real success. You don’t feel bad for them either because they always stayed positive even after their team essentially died in 2006.

The New York Yankees have a way of winning about them and as pretentious as Mets fans find the Bronx Bombers, they have to let David Wright go once the Alex Rodriguez’s and Derek Jeter’s are gone. Start a Facebook petition called “We Want Wright to Win.” Do whatever they can to convince him it’s okay to win somewhere else and they’ll always see him as a Met even if it’s in pinstripes. Wright has a championship look but that look gets bleaker and bleaker every year.

He’s a career .300 hitter on a team that makes a career out of losing. Put him alongside Robinson Cano in a line-up and you have a one-two championship punch. Wright would be great for Yankee Stadium too. Those 21 home runs could beef up to 30 or 40 with the short porches. Look what it did for Curtis Granderson. Granderson may have had a lower career batting average than Wright while in Detroit but his home runs and rbi’s are about the same. With the power of Yankee stadium the Grandy Man finally had 40 home run/100 rbi seasons.

A healthy lineup with Granderson, Cano, and Wright would rival the likes of:

– Larry Bowa, Mike Schidt, and Greg Luzinski, of the ‘77 Phillies
– Jim Rice, Carl Yasztremski, and Carlton Fisk, of the ‘77 Red Sox
– Gary Sheffield, Chipper Jones, and Andruw Jones, of the ‘03 Braves
– Wade Boggs, Bernie Williams, and Paul O’Neill, of the legendary ‘96 Yankees
– Johnny Damon, Mark Bellhorn, Manny Ramirez, and David Ortiz, of the ‘04 Red Sox.

Throw in Tiexiera and maybe Jeter and how do the Yankees lose? They don’t even need pitchers. It’s short porch home runs and doubles all day. Who knows, the Yankees could also ring up Jose Reyes too and have a reunion. The Blue Jays suck so they’ll be in a rebuilding phase at some point.

If Met fans can convince David Wright it’s okay to do well for himself without feeling guilty, he can live a life that’s a hybrid of ‘96 Wade Boggs and Matt-Damon-After-The-Good-Will-Hunting-Credits. We already know he’s a guy who thrives on loyalty so it doesn’t matter how many championships he wins as a Yankee. Once the Hall of Fame calls he’ll wear the New York Mets orange and blue during the induction.

There comes a point in every Great Met player’s life when Ya Gotta Believe becomes a pipe dream and the only move to solidify their legacy will come with a drive westward from Citi Field to Yankee stadium.