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The NY Mets, and the Black Cloud That Follows Them

The NY Mets, and the Black Cloud That Follows Them

When the 2012 NL Cy Young winner R.A. Dickey left New York for Toronto, Mets fans were upset, not worried. Not only was star prospect Zach Wheeler coming up from the minors, Matt Harvey was expected to have a breakout season.

But as his stellar season was dwindling down and his own Cy Young was in sight, Harvey – arguably the best pitcher in the majors – partially tore a ulnar collateral ligament in his pitching arm.

Forget Harvey pitching the rest of the season. Even if he did feel better, the Mets are far from a contending team; it would make no sense for them to rush him for useless games. And as we Met fans wait patiently for the swelling to die down before we can see the extent of the damage, we hold our breath for the fear of dreaded Tommy John surgery.

This tragedy is just one of many that have avalanched Mets fans since the 2007 meltdown in the NLCS. Not only do star players never pan out for us while they’re playing for the Mets, i.e. Carlos Beltran, Angel Pagan, Jose Reyes etc., the ones who do play well get hurt too often.

So, now that David Wright is hurt, Harvey is hurt, and now Jeremy Hefner is pretty sure he will need Tommy John surgery, is there even a point to finish this season out? I mean that sincerely, coming from a Mets-fan-perspective, what’s the point?

Marlon Byrd was claimed off waivers recently, so one of the only consistent hitters can be traded sometime soon. Wheelers been decent, but at times seems shaken and unready for the majors.

Why bother playing a season and risking more injuries to the only players we have left?

Harvey, our best pitching prospect in decades, may never play again. I don’t mean to look at the glass half-empty, but don’t think it’s not possible. The Mets doctors seem incompetent at best. Best-case scenario, he doesn’t need surgery. That still means he’s going to have to go through a recovery process, and who’s to say he would ever be the same player?

Where are the Mets going to be next year? Even the year after that? We are certainly a team of prospects – the team now is pretty much a glorified minor league team. And I use the term “glorified” very, very loosely.

This black cloud that seems to stalk the Mets organization really hit us where it hurts. They ripped the only hope that we had right from us. Without hope there’s nothing.