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Top MLB Stories 9/26

Top MLB Stories 9/26

Cano Seeks Record Deal

The Yankees were eliminated from postseason contention last night and it didn’t take long for the free agency rumors to begin. Less than twelve hours later, reports emerged that soon to be free agent Robinson Cano is seeking a contract in excess of A-Rod’s massive $275M deal. The alleged $305M number would make Robby the highest paid second basemen, baseball player and professional athlete in the known universe.

The stats will show you that at his position, Robinson is the best at his league by a comfortable margin, posting a WAR a full point higher than his closest competitor, the Cardinals’ Matt Carpenter. League wide, Cano is only behind Mike Trout, Josh Donaldson, Carlos Gomez and Andrew McCutchen, so as crazy as crossing the$300M threshold might sound, Cano might just do it, especially if the Dodgers decide they want to get involved. Sound investment, Jay Z.


Braves And Brewers Nearly Come To Blows

A Brewers game actually managed to get interesting last night following a bench clearing, bullpen emptying, player restraining almost brawl. After launching a Paul Maholm fastball deep into the center field seats, Brewers center fielder Carlos Gomez exchanged some choice words with the Braves’ pitcher, first baseman and catcher as he rounded the bases. Well, technically, he never went all the way around – Brian McCann obstructed his path about thirty feet from home plate, in what I’m fairly certain is an unprecedented move in baseball history. The two had to be separated, and the run ended up counting despite the fact that Gomez never touched home. Dangerous precedent setting, MLB.

After the game, Gomez explained that the jawing was payback for a prior Maholm beaning, and that perhaps, he shouldn’t have done what he did. Gomez would later apologize profusely on Twitter for the incident. Can’t wait to see Maholm and Gomez square off next season!


Tigers Clinch AL Central

Not surprising news to anyone who’s been paying attention to baseball the last few years, but what should come as a shock is that this is only Scherzer’s 21st win on the season. Seemed like he was going to get close to 30, but hey, a 21-3 split will do just fine. Now the only question is whether to start Scherzer or Verlander in Game 1, but the safe money is on the consistently dominant (in 2013, at least) Scherzer.

It should also be mentioned that Jim Leyland demonstrated a capacity for human emotion in his post game interview, coming close to tears while discussing his team’s success. Come to think of it, he might have been crying because Scherzer had to throw 123 pitches in order to secure a win against the Minnesota Twins. Leyland’s willingness to let his staff stroll into triple digit territory seems to have caught up with Verlander this year, and just might catch up with Scherzer by the time the playoffs are through. Something to keep an eye on.


Helton Homers In Final Game At Coors Field

Finally, all praise is due to the classy Todd Helton, who played his final game at Coors Field last night. Trumping any and all of the elaborate gifts given to Mariano Rivera on the season, the Rockies organization gave Helton a real live horse as a token of their gratitude. In lieu of a thank you note, Helton launched his 369th career HR into the right field seats, coming out for a well deserved curtain call as the fans went absolutely bonkers.

As a final send off, I have linked to my favorite Todd Helton highlight, which incidentally, only happened a week ago. Happy trails, sir.