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Top 10 Plays of the 2012-2013 NBA Season

Top 10 Plays of the 2012-2013 NBA Season

The 2012-’13 NBA season was memorable for a number of reasons. The Nets brought professional basketball back to Brooklyn, Damian Lillard and Anthony Davis showed us glimpses of the NBA’s bright future, and with his second consecutive championship, LeBron James took another step towards securing his legacy as one of the greatest to ever play the game. As for the rest of the year? Everything you need to see is right here. Presenting RM Sports’ top ten plays of the 2012-2013 NBA season.

10. Kobe Posterizes Gerald Wallace And Kris Humpries

Vintage Kobe. With three minutes left and the score tied, Kobe drives to the rack and posterizes not one, but two Nets defenders. Extra points for making the Brooklyn crowd involuntarily “Ohhh!”

9. Joe Johnson Breaks Paul Pierce’s Ankles

Paul Pierce likely started contemplating his retirement after this one. Joe Johnson’s dribble move was so nice that it left the Celtic’s announcer unable to form a coherent thought: “That was like a cobra there, with a mongoose. The flute player, they just… teased him.” Not sure what that means, but damn.

8. Darren Collison’s One Foot Three Point Buzzer Beater

Collison turns a poorly executed inbound play into one of the best shots of the year, tying the game at the buzzer off of one foot. Clearly his training with Mr. Miyagi in the summer of 2012 paid off.  Focus, power, punch, Darren.

7. Jamal Crawford And Blake Griffin’s Through The Legs Alley-Oop

This dunk is just silly. Crawford’s ball handling wizardry combines with the sheer power of Blake griffin for an alley-oop that’s impressive even by NBA Street standards.

6. James Harden’s Ridiculous Moves In Transition

James Harden goes behind the back and between the legs for an extraordinarily difficult And 1 finish.

He made the foul shot too, if anyone cares.

5. Monta Ellis Silences Crowd With Insane Game Winning Buzzer Beater

The only thing better than sending the crowd into a frenzy is making them go silent. Montae Ellis does just that with the buzzer beater of the year.

4. Stephen Curry Crosses Up Gary Neal

Everything that makes Stephen Curry great is on display in this jaw dropping sequence. After a series of lighting quick dribble moves, Curry crosses up the defender and absolutely shwaps a jumper. Gary Neal took some heat for this one, but I’m not sure any player in the NBA could have defended that.

3. Lebron James’ Alley-Oop Slam Over Jason Terry

You think Lebron enjoyed this one? Obviously the dunk is incredible, but by far the best part of this video is how he stares down a prone and likely traumatized Jason Terry for the technical. A rare display of personality from the King.

2. Javale McGee’s Freakish Block

It’s possible that Javale McGee is the only human being who could make this play. He not only blocks the shot from high above the rim, but brings it down with one hand to start the fast break. In classic Javale fashion, it was all made possible by his failure to box out the defender.

1. Deandre Jordan Destroys Brandon Knight

No surprise here. Deandre Jordan’s demolition of Brandon Knight is the best play of the year, and easily ranks among the best dunks of all time. His face afterwards is priceless.