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The ‘0 and Counting’ Giants

The ‘0 and Counting’ Giants

Embarrassing. That’s the first word that comes to mind about the winless New York Giants. Not only is it embarrassing to be a member of the organization, it’s also embarrassing to be a fan.

The Giants have had their share of bad season. Even the recent years when they have won Super Bowls weren’t the best. That first Super Bowl season in ’07 fans wanted Tom Coughlin’s head on a silver plate.

Enough is enough. It’s one thing to play hard and lose close games. Frustrating, sure. But at least you can enjoy watching your team leave everything out on the field.

The Giants, on the other hand, have not played hard. They have not lost close games. They just play pathetic. The entire team looks defeated, and it all starts with the demeanor of their captain, Eli Manning.

Eli looks horrible. Absolutely horrible. His first throw of the season set the tone for all of his games up to this point. 12 interceptions. 12. He only has 8 touchdowns. Compare his numbers to his brothers for a second: Peyton has 20 touchdowns and only 1 interception.

And you can always give your QB the benefit of the doubt. Some ints are out of the hands of the QB because of freak plays on the field, such as it hitting a foot or shoulder pad. But some of Eli’s ints are just horrible. In some cases it’s almost as if he is trying to give it to the other team. Eli has always been known for a turnover here and there. But lately it’s making me think Johnny Manziel would look pretty good in a Giants uniform.

The trouble starts with Eli, but it doesn’t stop there. Just as David Wilson looks to be his former self, he gets hurt. I pray that it isn’t a serious injury. Good thing the Giants re-signed Da’rel Scott (only six days after they cut him). Brandon Jacobs showed everyone how valuable he was this past week. One of his first touches after Wilson left the game he fumbled the ball before he was even touched.

And as bad as the defense has looked, you have to give them some credit for trying this past game. They came out of halftime like a bat out of hell. They got the crowd into it, and were able to have a few good, almost great, series against the Eagles offense. But it was too little too late, and there’s only so much a defense can do when the offense keeps giving the ball away.

The Giants are going up against the Bears on Thursday, and I don’t see them winning that game. It’s almost at the point where they need to clear house. Coughlin shouldn’t have to worry about leaving, and the Giants would be silly to get rid of him. But both coordinators NEED to go. Honestly, Eli shouldn’t be considered “untouchable” either. And Jacobs should not be allowed within 100 feet of a Giants facility.

There’s still three games before the Giants get a bye. Maybe, just maybe they can beat Minnesota. But it’s unlikely they can beat the Eagles in Philly when they cant either beat them in the Meadowlands. At best, Giants are looking to head into their bye week 1-7. Embarrassing.