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100 Million Dollar Baby

100 Million Dollar Baby

Sometimes, players will receive contracts with astronomical numbers when they prove their worth to their team and organization. This is not the case for Tony Romo.

Romo, entering his ninth season as QB for “America’s Team,” the Dallas Cowboys, just signed a six-year contract extension worth $108 million, with $55 million in guaranteed. This is for a QB who has only won one playoff game. For comparison, Joe Flacco, QB for this past season’s Super Bowl Champion’s Baltimore Ravens, is guaranteed $52 million for his new six-year contract.

If this proves anything, it proves that Cowboy’s owner Jerry Jones likes to piss away millions of dollars on things worthless to the game of football – such as Tony Romo.

Yes, the extravagant AT&T Stadium (last season known as Cowboy Stadium) cost over a billion dollars to complete. And, yes, it is beautiful. But there is no need to have a TV in the middle of the ceiling that is 160 feet long and 72 feet high.

This begs the question: Does Jerry Jones not care enough for his team to tilt his head down a few degrees and watch them live on the field, that he had to have the world’s largest television built just so he can look straight ahead in his owners box?

Not to mention, this gargantuan super TV has gotten in the way of numerous punts over the past few seasons. But what is even more thoughtless than spending millions on a useless TV is spending millions on a useless QB.

What argument is there to be made that he is worth this money? Sure, he might have a winning record. But what use is that if he can’t win, let alone perform well, in playoff games?

Each year as the football season gets underway, ESPN always asks is this the year Tony Romo will lead the Cowboys to the Super Bowl? Quite frankly, I’m sick of it. No. No, this is not the year. It wasn’t last year. It wasn’t the year before that, and it sure as hell won’t be this year either.

For all the money the Cowboys spend on their talent, you would think they would have something to show for it under the rule of king Romo. But they don’t. And the NFC East is only getting harder and harder. Sure, the Eagles “Dream Team” is still more a myth than a fact, but they are a competitive team, especially playing a team they hate. The Giants hate the Cowboys. They hate Tony Romo, and they especially hate Jerry Jones. Even when their season is bleak, beating the Cowboys is what they aim to do. And now, they have to worry about the very dangerous, new-and-improved Redskins with RG3.

Romo has over 25 thousand yards passing in his career. He also has a passer rating of 95.6 percent. He is a three-time Pro Bowler and he has even broken some Cowboy records at QB, which is impressive in itself.

But would you want him on your team? Yeah, sometimes the media bashes him as being a “pretty-boy,” but they say that about Tom Brady and he is arguably the best QB of this generation.

I don’t care if you have all the money in the world. You do NOT give a guy who has Romo’s credentials 100 million dollars.