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Andre Brown, Hurt Again

Andre Brown, Hurt Again

The Giants troubles are beginning to avalanche, just as the season is about to start. The latest problem – Andre Brown broke his left leg, for the second straight year, in the final preseason game.

Brown and Tom Coughlin have both said that this break is not nearly as serious as the one last year, but Brown is expected to miss at least 4-6 weeks of the season.

The Giants have suffered a massive amount of injuries this preseason, the majority of them being on the offense. And although David Wilson is the starter, Brown is an integral player in the offensive strategy.

The Giants offense works very well when the run game is established early. I don’t doubt that Wilson could handle the workload himself. But when the Giants have a two RB package, it allows the RB’s to rest while making the defense fatigued.

Wilson and Brown would have been a great two-headed snake for the Giants. They are both quick, explosive players. And together, they can ride any defense out of shape early in the game.

But sadly, Giants fans won’t see much of that this season. Best-case scenario, Brown is back in 4 weeks. It’s still going to take a few more weeks to get him back into shape. And it could even take longer than that to get into game-mode.

The good news is, if Brown is telling the truth, he feels that this injury is not as serious as last years, and expects a quick recovery. But he has been plagued by injuries his whole career, the lot of them being leg injuries.

An RB with a bunch of leg injuries can only last so long in the NFL. Especially when a younger, faster, better RB is already the starter over you.

There are plenty of guys who have not been plagued by injuries in free agency. And there are young guys, like Michael Cox, who had a stellar, standout preseason. A guy like Cox deserves a chance to show how he could play with the starters, and prove he can contribute beyond special teams.

Coughlin loves to give young guys a chance. Brown got his when the RB’s of old were injured. Although fans are upset with his injury, they should be excited to see some new blood.

I love Andre Brown. I think he is a very talented player. I just hope this injury will not be the last we see of him.