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Battle of the Quarterbacks

Battle of the Quarterbacks

When Green Bay goes into San Francisco this Sunday, there is more to the game then the Packers seeking their NFC Championship loss.

The Quarterbacks of both teams represent the two styles of offense: the traditional drop-back QB and the new read-option QB.

Which is better? Hard to say. As Peyton Manning has shown us this past Thursday, the drop-back can still put up numbers. Seven touchdowns against the Super Bowl champs, a team known for defense, is nothing short of impressive. Albeit Manning is a God at that style, it verifies when you drop back, it gives you an ability of scanning the field to find the best option.

The fresh new style – the read-option – has proved its worth in college. But has it shown it can work in the NFL? Quick answer is yes. The fact is, more and more athletic players are at QB now, and their ability to take off at a moments notice have changed how defenses prepare before games. But it also leaves your most valuable player out to get crushed.

In the drop-back offense, at least the QB is protected. The offensive line has one job, to protect their general by any means necessary. QB’s such as Manning and Aaron Rodgers even showcase that they can run when those lines occasionally break, leaving them exposed for a small amount of time. But those guys have mastered the baseball-slide and take what they can get.

Read-option QB’s always appear to be making extravagant plays. But they don’t score touchdowns every time they run out of the pocket. Most times they’re run down for a small gain; not much more than any run can do. The read-option, which these QB’s brought up from college with them, allow them to read the defense for a run just about as equally as the drop-back can scan for a pass.

The Packers have stayed fairly quiet since their Super Bowl victory a few years ago. But Rodgers remains one of the most elite players of the game. He can rip apart defenses with his pinpoint precision.

Colin Kaepernick has won over as starter for the 49ers, and has won over the NFL fans with his exciting play. Kaepernick is a very, very accurate QB. He is on par to becoming great. Yes, he considered a read-option QB but he is as versatile as any player to play the game.

It comes down to probability. RG III has already suffered a serious injury that can damage his style of play. But on the other hand, Manning looks better than before after neck surgery.

This game can be redemption for Green Bay; losing to San Fran in the opener last year, and in the NFC championship eliminating them from the offseason. But this can also be a game to prove which QB is here to stay.