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David Wilson’s Time to Shine

David Wilson’s Time to Shine

With the 32nd pick of the 2012 draft, the New York Giants selected David Wilson, Running Back from Virginia Tech. For many Giants fans the pick was what they wanted, especially since the departure of fan-favorite Brandon Jacobs. But Wilson has the potential to be so much more than Jacobs ever was.

The season opener for the Giants 2012 season was home against the Dallas Cowboys, arguably their biggest rival. Giants’ Head Coach Tom Coughlin wanted to showcase his new weapon in the game. But unfortunately for Wilson, he fumbled the ball. Giants’ fans high off their new first rounder came crashing down at that fumble. Many assumed that the pick was a bust, and that Wilson would likely follow the footsteps of Ron Dayne.

But Wilson bid his time. Like many rookies learning to prove themselves, Wilson had to perform on special teams first. Giants fans, including myself, watched each return Wilson brought back and thought the same thing, “when is he going to get playing time?”

Wilson is a very exciting player to watch. Fast, but more importantly quick. Strong, but more importantly smart. He is the perfect combination of what you would look for if you wanted to create a running back.

With Ahmad Bradshaw leaving to go to Indianapolis this season, there is a starting spot available. There was no animosity with Bradshaw’s departure, as was the case with Jacobs. And I am sure that Giants fans wish Bradshaw the best. But to be blunt, even at age 27, I think we got the best of what Bradshaw has to offer.

Running Back is a young man’s game. Long ago are the days of the workhorse RB. Now, it seems once a season a starter has a stubbed toe or a sore knee or something miniscule to the old school. That’s why the Giants need to utilize Wilson while he still has it.

I am not saying that they should just use him up dry and toss him. This kid has potential to be more than Bradshaw or Jacobs ever were. Remember Tiki Barber? Tiki was beloved by everyone until he made comments against Eli Manning’s leadership. And although Jacobs and Bradshaw were great backs and helped us win two Super Bowls, no back has had that “Tiki” vibe to him.

Can Wilson be that franchise back that comes around only so often? I believe so. And I believe that Coughlin thinks so too. You would not bench someone for half the season if you did not fully believe in him. Coughlin knows Wilson is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Yeah, he fumbled in a season opener, against the archrival of his new team. But he also proved to Tom Coughlin and the millions of Giants fans that he is sorry. And we are eager to forgive, but not forget, what happened. Tiki himself was the king of fumbles for a time.

But Wilson has that exciting feel to him. He is like the fastest kid on the playground that everyone wants to pick up first in a game of touch. The Giants have him. It’s time to let him run wild.