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Is There No AFC East Team That Can Stop The Patriots?

Is There No AFC East Team That Can Stop The Patriots?

The New England Patriots have been the most dominating NFL team of this millennium. Say what you want about them, but the fact of the matter is Bill Belichick and Tom Brady have created a perfect formula for winning.

And this formula has allowed them to win year after year after year…

Since Tom Brady has taken over as starting QB, the Patriots have been to 5 Super Bowls. Both losses were against the NY Giants, and one of those losses ended a perfect season for the Patriots.

With three Super Bowl rings, Brady is arguably the best QB playing right now – only challenged by Peyton Manning. And although he can’t seem to un-puzzle Eli Manning and the Giants, every other team in the NFL crumbles to his feet. Especially the teams that share the AFC East along side the Patriots.

The Buffalo Bills, the Miami Dolphins and the NY Jets all share the hatred for and fear of Belichick’s army lead by Brady. The three opposing teams usually have the playoffs so far out of view that they look forward to beating the Patriots as moral victories in the season. But, more times than not, the teams are lucky if they split games with their nemeses.

Brady never needs another big name superstar on his team for them to play well. He makes everyone on his team look like a superstar. Another “hot name player” would simply bring distractions to his team.

The Patriots remind me of the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA. Because of their dominance for so long, for the most part they aren’t the talk of the day. TV and radio shows rarely talk about the Patriots, except when they come to town in Buffalo, Miami, and New York.

Why can’t the other three teams ever have a chance at winning the AFC East? Other than the Jets, the other teams don’t even know what it’s like to play in playoff games in this decade. The sad thing is, all the teams have potential and talent. They just don’t seem to know how to use them.

Buffalo is a team that always seems to start the season strong, then go straight down hill after losing to the Patriots. After their loss to the Patriots in week four, they won one game in the next six weeks. And that lone win was an overtime game.

Miami has struggled for what appears to be forever. They draft and recruit coaches and players that have had success elsewhere, but for whatever reason Miami looks like the place where talent goes to die.

The Jets are a paradox of their own. One year, they are competitors in the playoffs and can even make the Patriots look bad. Then the next, it is painfully embarrassing to watch them play a game.

I hate the Patriots. But at least I have had the pleasure to watch my team beat them twice in the Super Bowls. I know more teams hate than like the Patriots. Is it jealousy? Probably. They have a team that can be invincible.

It’s up to the AFC East teams to step up and take that number one spot away from them. But if they continue playing as they have in the past, fans elsewhere shouldn’t hold their breaths.