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Johnny Manziel’s QB Swag: Wheaties or Frosted Flakes?

Johnny Manziel’s QB Swag: Wheaties or Frosted Flakes?

The NCAA is nothing but a racket. When I first heard that Johnny Manziel had been suspended, I believed it would be for at least a full football game. He gets suspended for a half. A half! Sure, that happens all the time. Manziel sat out the first half against Rice on Saturday, and made his triumphant return to the field as the country watched with Manziel fever. Yes, we have all been affected by a new plague called “The Manziels” whether we like it or not.

The kid can play some football. Johnny Manziel is well aware of college football rubes across the country that want to see him fail, but he went out there and handled his business. The stats: 6-8, 95 yards and three touchdowns as he led the Aggies to a 52-21 victory. I couldn’t help but think of the classic line from “Varsity Blues”.


As much as I like to disagree with ESPN’s Skip Bayless, his tweet from Saturday is accurate. I cracked up when I first read the word “voltage”, but it’s an excellent description of Manziel’s presence on the gridiron. I was a bit shocked, and yet intrigued, when Manziel came into the game and immediately started barking at a Rice defender. The gesture was clearly planned by Manziel to mark his arrival back on the field, and let the country know that he wasn’t going to take any shit.

The potential problem with the on-field behavior of Johnny Football is that he may not know when to stop talking. I was expecting Manziel to play with a grudge, but wasn’t prepared for all the hand gestures throughout the rest of the game. What Manziel has to remember is that he is part of a team, and even though his fellow teammates may support him 100%, he still must answer to head coach Kevin Sumlin. After some late childish antics, Manziel was pulled out of the game and walked right past Sumlin on the sidelines. C’mon, Johnny. Now you’re acting like a fratboy who wants college chicks to see how much swag you had on national television that day. Play and act like you’re going to be on a box of Wheaties, not Frosted Flakes.

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