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O Brother, Where Art Thou?

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

What an awkward phone call Archie Manning had to make today.

Peyton Manning tied an NFL record Thursday night, throwing seven touchdowns against the Baltimore Ravens. Last night, little brother Eli Manning threw an impressive four, but with three interceptions as well.

But as badly embarrassing as the New York Giants played as a whole, Eli shockingly played decent.

Eli completed 27 of 42 passes for 450 yards, resulting in a 102.3 QB rating. Peyton threw, and completed the same number of passes, but his yielded 462 yards for a QB rating of 141.1.

No one can say Eli looked as smooth as Peyton. But Eli’s performance was lost in the sloppiness of Sunday night’s game. From the first pass Eli threw, Giants fans knew it was going to be a long game.

But as a Giants fan, there is no one I would put my trust into more than Eli in the fourth quarter. With less than 4 minutes to play, Eli had a chance to make a late game-winning drive – something he did all too well last season. And yes, he may have thrown a pick-six to end the drive, but that was a pass that should have never been thrown.

I can count the number of completed screen passes to running back in the ten years I have watched Eli play for the Giants. He just can’t do it. Never could and it doesn’t look like he ever will. It doesn’t help that starter – and projected dominant player – David Wilson fumbled twice and was pulled. And although backup Da’Rel Scott played very well in his opportune moment, he couldn’t of known that his attempt at the pass by Eli could result in the way it did.

This past weekend was the epitome of the Manning brothers. As good as Eli will ever be, no one will ever give him recognition for playing well – so long as Peyton is there to break records.

Eli has two rings, and made arguably the best play in Super Bowl history. And although he has one less ring than his little bro, Peyton is still considered the best QB of this generation.

I was thoroughly embarrassed as I watched the Giants shit-the-bed last night. But Eli throwing ints has always been a part of his game play. So has his ability to win games late in the fourth. Yeah, Eli looked ugly at times, but the rest of the Giants are just as much to blame for this loss. (I’m looking at you Wilson).

The “Manning Bowl” at MetLife Stadium can go one of two ways. The obvious answer is that Peyton will come into Eli’s home and destroy Giant fans hope from the get-go. But Eli has shown he can defy the odds and win a game that seems unwinnable.

If this was any other team, I’d say the red-hot Broncos would steam roll right over them. But I believe in Eli, and I believe he can scrap his way to making this a competitive game.