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RG III or Andrew Luck – Who Would You Choose?

RG III or Andrew Luck – Who Would You Choose?

The 2012 season gave NFL fans all over the globe quite a show with their rookie quarterbacks. Three rookie QB’s brought their teams to the playoffs. But, even though Russell Wilson is, and will be, a top QB in the league for years to come, this discussion is about the two first-rounder’s: Robert Griffin III and Andrew Luck.

Both players were drafted to teams that could have potentially swallowed their talent and killed their careers before they got started. However, they defied the odds. They brought bleak teams to the playoffs and have become NFL superstars in the process.

Let’s start with the 2012 number one draft pick – Andrew Luck of the Colts. The Indianapolis Colts were 2-14 in the 2011 season. They showed how desperate a football team could look without a good QB under center. In the absence of Peyton Manning, the Colts were the worst team in the league and given the first pick of the NFL Draft.

With the ability to pick any player, the Colts drafted Stanford’s 6’4”, 235 lb Andrew Luck. The guy looks bread to play QB. He may not be as versatile as his counter-part RGIII, but he makes up for that in accuracy and throwing power.

He was certainly deserving of the first pick of the draft. Not to say he is the next Peyton Manning, but he will definitely be a top QB for years to come. He brought a playoff-less, almost win-less Colts team from 2-14 to 11-6.

Now, onto the second overall pick of the 2012 draft – RGIII. Hands down, RGIII is one of the most talented and athletic people to be drafted overall. And this past season he showed us how electrifying and gifted he is.

The Washington Redskins have not been a contending team in years. Being in the NFC East, they play three of the toughest teams in the NFC. But head coach Mike Shanahan showed in the few seasons he could change them around. And yeah, a 5-11 season is nothing great, but they were given exactly what Shanahan was waiting for.

The elusive RGIII became an instant star. The Baylor QB was the subject of much debate leading up the season. But after witnessing all that he can do, fans knew their team was back.

RGIII is a team’s worst nightmare. Not only do you have to have a plan for his passing game, but you also need one for his rushing attack. Even the NY Giants, a team with an exceptional D-line, were embarrassed by the talent of this young QB. And he is not one-dimensional. Many QBs whom can only rush typically cannot throw. Well, RGII can throw. He can throw accurately downfield, across field and just about anywhere he chooses. And to top it off, he can throw while he is on the run.

The only problem with RGIII is that his style of play can be dangerous, as was shown by the injuries he obtained at the end of the season.

Their differences come down to the change in the QB position. A traditional offense with a big QB who can throw a perfect ball, you chose Luck. But the new style of a rushing and throwing QB, RGIII tops all.

So, who would you chose? If you were a GM for a new team given the first pick of the 2012 draft, and knowing the type of seasons they both had, which player goes number one?