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Same Sanchez, Different Day

Same Sanchez, Different Day

The New York Jets may have beaten the Jacksonville Jaguars 37-13, but the victory was shadowed by the lingering doubt of Mark Sanchez’s ability to play QB.

Sanchez may have thrown for over 150 yards, but he was only 13/23. And he may have thrown a touchdown, but he also intercepted the ball.

It was certainly his chance to prove that he should be considered the starter. Rookie Geno Smith was out with an ankle injury, and no one is expecting much from Matt Simms. They let Sanchez play most of the first half, and by half time most fans had seen enough.

The problem with Sanchez is his Jekyll-and-Hyde-style of play in games. Since entering the league in ’09, he can look so good at times. And as the infamous butt-fumble showed us last year, he can look horribly appalling.

During some of the plays in the game against the Jags, he looked like a true starting veteran. He was able to roll out of the pocket when under pressure, and make a broken play into something. But the little success he gave with that was forgotten when he would make horrible plays out of the pocket, which seemed to happen a lot more frequently.

To be far, the guy has had a rough past couple of years. Since the whole Tebow circus, fans have wanted Sanchez’s head on a silver platter. This was even before he started to play bad. But when you’re nervous that the new guy is going to beat you out, and your fans are rooting for him to, it’s pretty hard to play well. One year later, it’s no different. Fans would rather see an out-of-shape, injured Geno Smith play than Sanchez.

I would argue that fans should try and rally behind him, but I don’t think it would help him at all. For Sanchez, I think the best he could do would be to pack up and start somewhere fresh. Fans hate him – for well deserving reasons – and they want someone new. The Jets went from a AFC Championship contending two years in a row when Rex Ryan was brought in, and now they’re the laughing stock of the NFL.

Other than Sanchez, the team did look good. Their run game was very good, with Bilal Powell leading the way with 68 yards on 7 carries. The receivers made Sanchez look better than he was, with Braylon Edwards hauling in 3 receptions for 49 yards, and Jeff Cumberland finding the end zone.

The Jets could be a contending team. They have a solid run game with an above average defense. Those two attributes are a foundation on which any good football team can be built on. They need a QB, and Sanchez is not the one.

One last note, the only thing worst than Sanchez’s play that game was that vulgar mustache.