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Tebow is Born Again in New England

Tim Tebow is no longer a player for the New York Jets. The question is, what was Bill Belichick thinking by bringing him to New England?

Bill Belichick, the one time, one-day, head coach of the Jets is a genius when it comes to finding niche players. Anyone remember the name Troy Brown? Few players have the ability to play both sides of the ball. However, Belichick was able to use this player to the most of his abilities.

And no, Brown is not a hall of famer. He was just a solid athlete, which means he was a solid football player. And that’s all Tebow is, a solid football player.

For anyone who thinks Tebow will come in and take snaps away from Tom Brady, you are sadly mistaken. Don’t be surprised if Tebow even plays a single down on the field. Sure, Tebow played “Quarter Back” for other teams. But how well did that work for the Jets?

Tebow had a helluva playoff run for the Denver Broncos. And as well as he did, GM John Elway didn’t bat an eyelash letting Tebow go. Just as Belichick didn’t hesitate to let players like Lawyer Milloy and Richard Seymour – who were fan favorites as well as great players – get the boot and kick them off the team.

So if you think Tebow is safe, that is not even guaranteed. Belichick is long time friends with Tebow’s college coach, Urban Meyer. Not to say Belichick did Tebow a favor, but you always try harder when someone sticks their neck out for you. For a guy trying to resurrect a football career like Tebow, NE might be the best place to do it.

Long story short, the Jets ran a circus and had no need for Tebow. They didn’t use his abilities in anything other than making Sanchez worry. Belichick is the opposite of Rex Ryan. He doesn’t stand for nonsense. And put simply, if Tebow doesn’t play how and where Belichick tells him to play, he won’t be an NFL player much longer.

The initial swarm of media attention died out very quickly. The Patriots traditionally like to lay-low, and they won’t take a player who didn’t even make the team yet to cause distractions on the team. Tebow was smart, keeping his comments short and allowing the Patriots to handle this like they always do.

This is Brady’s team. It is silly to even think the Patriots will incorporate the wildcat into their offense. Tebow has to let go of any aspirations of being a QB while Belichick puts him to use. At 6’3” and 235lbs, there are plenty of spots on the field other than QB where he can play.

Tebow is a great guy and a great athlete. You’d like to see a guy like that do well somewhere. But since college, he hasn’t been able to scratch his ass without total media coverage. That can go to a player’s head, and distract him from being the person that made him a great player.

Tebow strives when he has a coach with great vision. Rex Ryan does not have good vision. But this is something that Belichick is known for.

Some would argue he is more trouble than he is worth. But he is a player who does work hard and will listen to an authority figure like Belichick. I think Belichick knows exactly what he’s doing. You won’t see Tebow at QB, but you will see him shine brighter than he has in NE than he did in New York.