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To Dance, or Not To Dance

To Dance, or Not To Dance

From humble beginnings to national limelight, Victor Cruz has a unique and inspiring story. For someone who was never drafted, imagining negotiating a contract with a team like the New York Giants must seem like a fantasy.

Finally, negotiations have been settled. And the 26-year old signed a six-year deal worth $46 million. He is guaranteed $15 million over the first two seasons with a $9 million signing bonus.

But, although many argue he is worth all that, I must beg the question – is he worth it?

Three seasons after he entered the NFL, Cruz has a Super Bowl ring, played in the Pro Bowl and has the season record for receiving yards for one of the best organizations in the NFL.

From his first catch, he proved to the world he is an explosive player with tons of potential and talent. And being a Giants fan I have had the pleasure to follow Cruz’s journey.

However, being that I am a Giants fan, I have also had to watch the troubles that come with this player, which is why I know he cant play in many other places. The biggest problem – dropped passes.

Before every salsa dance, before every 99-yard run, before every explosive play that Cruz has shown the world – there was a pass from an elite quarter back. I do think Cruz is a great receiver. But did Jerry Rice make Joe Montana, or did Joe Montana make Jerry Rice?

Cruz is an unbelievable athlete. Smaller than just about every player on the field, especially small for being a WR, Cruz has balls just stepping out in front of some of the defensive monsters he faces.

But it isn’t hard to catch a pass when the ball hits you square in the numbers.

I have watched every game that Cruz has played, which means I have seen him drop a ball in just about three years worth of games. Not to mention, he seems to drop the ball that matters a lot more than the ones that don’t matter so much.

When you have one of the best QBs in the league – and yeah, Eli is one of the best – you are expected to be great. You become great. This is not to say he doesn’t have talent. Cruz has tons of it. But, let’s imagine he played for the other NY team. You think Sanchez can make Cruz look that good?

No. No, he can’t.

I love the dance. I love what Cruz brings to the table, especially being at MetLife when he plays. The stadium goes mad when he scores awaiting the dance. But it’s easy to dance in the end zone when you have a great team to help you get there.

The NY Football Giants are one of the most well-respected organizations in any sports. Now that Cruz has forced them to give him all this money, he better not disappoint. And do not think that they would not drop you. The Giants do not care for distractions. Plaxico Burress cought a Super Bowl winning touchdown, and was our most dominate receiver. Where is he now?

Cruz needs to realize he needs the Giants much more than the Giants need him. He can become a great player, if he stays focused. In his book, he talks about how hard it was to get to the NFL. He needs to keep that mentality to continue to perform well in the league.