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Two Tales of a City

Two Tales of a City

For the past few years, the jokes about the bad team in New York has always been at the expense of NY Jets fans. But the start of this season has turned the tides in the city that never sleeps.

The Giants have won two Super Bowls in the past decade, enjoyed (for the most part) an elite quarter back and a head coach who has never broken a promise. The Jets, on the other hand, have had pretty much the polar-opposites of these attributes.

The Giants (0-3) have looked absolutely miserable in their first three games. With the acceptation of the first half in the Denver game, fans pretty much knew the G-men were defeated from the get-go.

The Jets (2-1) surprisingly have looked like a contending team in each of their games. Even their week 2 loss against their rival NE Patriots could have been a win – the Jets only lost by a field goal.

Both teams have suffered their embarrassments this season. The Jets had 20 penalties in their win against the Buffalo Bills, giving the Bills nearly 200 yards in the process. And although the Jets walked away with the win, 20 penalties should be at the top of their concern list.

The Giants embarrassment is a little more in-you-face. They cannot establish ANY offense, especially in the run game. Going into halftime in Sunday’s spanking, the Giants had a total of 18 yards; 14 of them coming from the rare Eli scramble.

Cheers to all the Jets’ fans for yesterday’s performance. Aside from the penalties, the defense showed it is one of the strongest in the league. Geno Smith looked like a professional QB, throwing for 331 yards and a couple of touchdowns, and placing the ball where only his receiver can make a play on it. They also racked up over 150 yards on the ground.

Giants fans, I am just as disappointed as you all are. And the only emotion I have stronger than disappointment is anger. Anger for everyone in that locker room.  There was no leadership whatsoever on that field. Eli moped with his head in his lap the entire time. Tuck matched his non-existent gameplay with his silent pump-up speeches.

The only good note coming from the Giants was the few nice plays made by Aaron Ross. He had stellar coverage for the majority of the game. But due to the lack of offense, the good performance eventually ran out. David Wilson also appeared to have put his fumbling troubles behind him, and focused more on trying to establish the Giants run game. But, sadly, a nice 17-yard touchdown was called back for a questionable holding penalty.

Right now, if you were to put a bet on which NY team is the contending team for playoffs, it is certainly the Jets. If they keep this style of play up, the wildcard spot is theirs. Taking the division title from NE is still a reach, but the Jets are certainly contenders.

As for the Giants, thank god the rest of the NFC East is just as pathetic as they are. But 0-3 is a big, big deficit to rebound from.