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NFL Week 3 in Review

NFL Week 3 in Review

OK. Raise your hand if you thought the Giants or Redskins would be a collective 0 and 6 after the 3rd Sunday of this season. That’s what I thought. More on those two in a bit.

Chiefs 26, Eagles 16: In the Thursday matchup, there was a lot of emotional build up. Andy Reid’s first game back in Philly. Donovan McNabb’s jersey retired. And, the Chiefs kept rolling, thanks in part to a slew of Eagle miscues early on.

Bengals 34, Packers 30: Packers let this one slip away, coughing up a 16 point lead in the last 19 minutes of the game. These are the kinds of games that will drive teams nuts. The Packers should be better than 1-2, but at least for them it’s early.

Cowboys 31, Rams 7: Performances like these will put the Cowboys into the NFC playoffs-that is, if they can do this consistently. And therein lies the challenge. Can they string a bunch of these games together over the season? Still tough to call, but looking at how wide open the NFC East is at this point, it has to be now or never for Jerry Jones and company.

Titans 20, Chargers 17: Tough to loose a game in the last minute, especially having led most of the game. But the Titans pulled this one out, and are a surprising 2 and 1 to start the season.

Browns 31, Vikings 27: No Trent Richardson, no problem for the Browns. Mere days after trading away their stud RB, and while starting their 3rd string QB, the Browns showed signs of unexpected life. For the Vikings? An 0-3 start to the season is not how this team figured they’d start things out.

Patriots 23, Bucs 3: Pats will always find ways to win, but the story for me here is the Bucs. Greg Schiano and the Buccaneers are in trouble, yet another playoff hopeful opening the season 0-3 (and not too many teams who start 0-3 make the playoffs). In addition to getting off to a terrible start, there’s this other team in the NFC South….

Saints 31, Cardinals 7: The Saints are that other team. Getting their coach back sure seems to have helped things out. A year after being an 0-3 team, the Saints are now 3-0 and hold a 2 game lead over the Falcons.

Lions 27, Redskins 20: RG 0 and 3. That’s the big news out of this one. The East champions from a year ago are now in last place-tied, actually, with the NY Giants. The Lions are in a good spot at 2-1.

Panthers 38, Giants 0:  Go ahead. Read that again. Shocking, right? The Giants can’t stop anyone from scoring. They have almost no rushing attack. And now they flat out can’t score. In a game they needed (but so did the Panthers), it was Cam Newton and Ron Rivera getting that much needed W, with Coughlin and his Giants heading back north trying to figure out what just happened to them, in a game that ended in the worst loss for a Coughlin-led Giants team.

Ravens 30, Texans 9: And, the Texans come back down to Earth a bit. Also, in other news, that Ravens D can still dominate.

Dolphins 27, Falcons 23: Who would have imagined that, after three games, the Dolphins would be undefeated? And, looking good doing it. Tannehill is coming into his own and the team could definitely threaten for a playoff spot.

Jets 27, Bills 20: Geno Smith puts up more yards in a game than any other Jets rookie QB, ever. Even more than Namath. And, on another note? The Jets are the best NY Football team at the moment. Scary stuff.

Colts 27, Niners 7: Colin looked uncomfortable in this one, and the Colts looked like they had a newly found swagger. Bradshaw showed new life, now that there’s this Richardson guy in Indy, too.

Seahawks 45, Jaguars 17: The surprise for me in this one? That the Jaguars actually scored 17 points in a game (or, in other words, more in one game than they had in their prior two). Seahawks could very well be the best team in the NFL right now.

Bears 40, Steelers 23: Chicago opened things up and made it look like it was over early, only to have Antonio Brown and Big Ben put things together for a moment and make things interesting. In the end, however, the tough-and high scoring-Chicago defense put it away in the 4th, keeping the Bears undefeated in the process.