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What Giants Fans Should Take Away From Loss

What Giants Fans Should Take Away From Loss

The New York Giants looked absolutely horrible and unready for the real season during Sunday night’s pre-season game against the Indianapolis Colts. That being said, there is still time before Giants fans should start to panic.

The biggest problem was clearly the defense. The defensive line played atrocious. The DEs didn’t stay home; the DTs didn’t pressure. Other than Justin Tuck, who was hustling while on the field, it looked like no one was trying at all.

I don’t know if the Giants even have LBs. Seriously, is there no one that can fill a LB slot? Somehow the Cincinnati Bengals were able to pick up LB James Harrison from free agency. So either scouts for the Giants are incompetent at finding solid players, or for some odd reason they believe in the untalented players they have now.

And how awful is the secondary? Andrew Luck threw a sure interception into the hands of a DB, and he coughs up the ball, giving the Colts a free touchdown. They let Luck throw all over the field, allowing him to throw for over 100 yards and score two touchdowns.

The biggest worry, for me, was the defenses inability to play against the quick, no-huddle offense. Sure, it’s pre season. But if your defense cannot recognize and play a quick offense, you can kiss 4th quarter comebacks goodbye. This should worry fans for the “Manning Bowl,” when brother Peyton comes to town to play Eli in week two. Peyton is one of, if not, the best QB at running the no-huddle successfully. And if this game was any indicator, the Giants will be crushed by it.

Another worry should be the lack of points scored in the red zone. You cannot expect to win games if you can’t score touchdowns from close range. The only silver lining about that was the fact new kicker Josh Brown was 4/4, so it was good practice for him. But you will never win games against good teams scoring only 12 points.

Even worse than the mediocrity from the Giants, were their injuries. Victor Cruz, who missed off-season workouts because of contract negotiation, left Sunday’s game with a heel contusion. He is listed as day-to-day. More serious was the injury suffered from starting center, David Baas. He is listed as week-to-week with an MCL injury. Tuck also left the game prematurely with a hamstring injury he said was “nothing serious.”

Even though the offense was unproductive, the Giants run game should be recognized. Both David Wilson and Andre Brown played very well, rushing for 30+ yards each on eight carries. They appeared to be in shape and ready for real season play. Rookie Michael Cox also had a break out game on special teams. Fans should expect him to be a break out player this year.

Not to take anything away from Luck or the Colts, but this was not a good Giants team. They looked sloppy, and unmotivated. Nowhere near as ready as they were in their first pre season game. The Jets don’t look too much better than the Giants have the past couple of games. But the Giants cannot come out against them as flat as they did against the Colts and expect to win.