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Why the Patriots are a Perfect Fit for Tim Tebow as a Football Player

Why the Patriots are a Perfect Fit for Tim Tebow as a Football Player

Tim Tebow. The name alone may have caused internal and/or audible grumbles by the person reading this article, but I assure you that we’re not going to inundate you with the smallest details about his life. After impressive feats in the college game, he has somewhat transitioned to the NFL game, although to claim that he’s having difficulty would be an understatement. Although stats can be manipulated, a variety of stats that can be pulled ranging from “when he first joined the league” to “through his only season starting” to “since he last ran in the rain” all show that he’s a highly deficient quarterback. Much has been made of Tebow’s inability to be accurate, complete passing plays, or do much of anything as a quarterback, except present the option of scrambling for anywhere between 5-20 years. He’s been known to be a great teammate, fierce competitor, and capable football player—just not as a good QB. Despite all that surrounds him, at his core, he just wants a chance to compete. With all of that being said when you consider his career, this could be the best thing to happen to Tebow after the debacle of a season he had with the Jets. He’s landed with a team that will find the best way to use him and may even help him improve.


If you wanted someone with Tebow’s drive to learn under any quarterback, who else would you choose besides one of the faces of the NFL and one of the more cerebral, successful quarterbacks in the league, Tom Brady. Practicing with and under Tom Brady may expose Tebow to a brand of quarterbacking that he’s never experienced. Consider that the list of quarterbacks that he’s played behind could also be a list of quarterbacks that you don’t want to start for your favorite team. (Kyle Orton is Tony Romo’s backup and everyone said that the Jets’ second round draft pick was going to win the starting job from Mark Sanchez after Geno was drafted.) Although it may be a little late for a player of his stature to be mentored by another player, Tebow is famously humble and wouldn’t have the attitude that would present an issue with learning from and under Tom Brady. Sitting on the sidelines for a team that hasn’t wont a superbowl since 1969 vs learning from the organization that was the last football dynasty since the Cowboys of the early 1990’s is a huge difference. Tebow is notorious for being a team-player and even expressed delight in working with Tom Brady in his first interview as a Patriot earlier this week.

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The Patriots will recognize his strengths, use those to boost the team, and work on developing his areas for improvement. Above all else, it will be fascinating to see how Belichick uses Tebow. He’s been known to meticulously and tirelessly create plays, diagram schemes, and draw up formations that confuse opponents and gash defenses. It’s surprisingly exciting to think about what Belichick will draw up for Tebow, where he’ll have him lining up for various plays, and how puppet-master Belichick will get the most out of Tebow. Belichick’s ability to confuse defenses has made stars out of many football players who were previously marginal. If anyone can get something out of Tebow, I’m sure it is the man who’s been heralded as the best coach in the league based on his ability to draw up brilliant, deceptive, effective plays. But this partnership doesn’t only benefit Tebow. While they had no inclination that his positive nature and wholesome character would be useful in this regard, having Tebow on the team after the scandal with their former TE is a blessing. Kraft mentioned in a July 26th interview with Mike and Mike that more than anything, he wants good people on the team and there’s literally no better person in the NFL than Tebow.

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No one should expect Tebow to be the rebirth story of the generation, nor should they expect him to become a star in Foxboro. But it is interesting to see how this union between the Tebow and Belichick will ultimately play out. Belichick is a master at drawing up intelligent, unorthodox, clever plays that work, and with Tebow as a weapon, who knows what type of plays Belichick will bring out of the wheelhouse. At the same time, the Patriots are an organization in dire need of good role models and no matter what you think about him, Tebow fits that bill.