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Bisping to Munoz: “Good Luck” Trying to Take Him Down

Although nothing official has been announced yet, in terms of whether Michael Bisping will fight Mark Munoz in October as rumored, things are starting to heat up a little bit in terms of the pre-fight banter. It’s a compelling fight on many levels of course, not only because both men are ranked in the top ten, but due to the well rounded skill sets of both men.

While most people would say the wrestling edge would go to Munoz, since he is a ridiculously decorated grappler, Bisping’s wrestling skills are often overlooked. In a recent interview with Bloody, ‘The Count” was asked about his underestimated takedown defense and noted:

I think people underrate me in general. Mark Munoz seems to think that he has me beaten in all areas, and he’s sorely mistaken. It happens every time. Alan Belcher, in the last fight, was so confident that he had me beat in all areas, but I’m not sure the guy landed a single punch. He couldn’t take me down, and he had nothing for me. It’s the same with every one of my fights, and I love it. I go into the Octagon, and they don’t think I’m very good, but they certainly have a very different impression afterwards.

It’s been a lot of hard work, and yeah, I’m happy with my takedown defense. Mark Munoz, if we do fight, he’s a wrestler, and you know, good luck trying to take me down, pal.

It will be interesting to see how the wrestling factor plays out in the fight, if and when it ever happens. Bisping also noted in the interview that he hasn’t signed to fight Munoz yet, and as a result, he could not confirm or deny he’s taking on “The Filipino Wrecking Machine” next.

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