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Ferguson on GSP/ Hendricks- Who’s Getting Chewed Up?

Ferguson on GSP/ Hendricks- Who’s Getting Chewed Up?

With Anderson Silva’s historic reign over, and Jose Aldo a heavy favorite to defend his belt versus Chan Sung Jung, there’s no shortage of discussions as to whether Johny Hendricks will be the one to end Georges St. Pierre’s impressive run.

Hendricks has blasted his way to the top of the welterweight rankings in recent months, and thanks to his brain rattling power and wrestling pedigree, more than a few folks believe “Bigg Rigg” could defeat GSP on November 16th.

One of these people is evidently former TUF winner Tony Ferguson, who recently told

“I think it’s awesome. I think that Hendricks is going to take him down. I think GSP is great, and he’s got a good jab, because I really haven’t seen too much out of there besides the sporadic kicks. But Hendricks is more of an aggressive fighter and is kind of in your face, and he hasn’t really shown too much of his wrestling, but I remember watching him when he was in college and I was amazed…I see it going his way, regardless of if it goes stand-up, I don’t think GSP’s going to be man enough for him. I think he’s going to eat right through him.”

Now, clearly the GSP fan club would argue that people have said similar things about the champ’s opponents in the past, and he’s still at the top. But Hendricks does appear to have all the tools, and then some, to give St. Pierre some serious pause for thought at UFC 167. It can’t get here soon enough.

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