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Rockhold: Bisping’s Take on Sparring Session “Delusional”

It wasn’t long ago that Luke Rockhold was calling for a bout with Michael Bisping, before the former Strikeforce champ got booked for an October 19th, UFC 166 scrap with Time Boetsch. Rockhold was coming off his well documented loss to Vitor Belfort, and since, at the time, neither top contender had a fight coming up the call out was made.

Bisping responded to Rockhold’s wish by telling him to “go and win a fight in the UFC and then we can talk,” which was in keeping with the tone the vets have shared, since “The Count” claimed he got the better of Rockhold during a previous sparring session. In a recent interview with the Underground’s Jack Brown, however, Rockhold had this to say about that day (he spoke to the UG prior to signing on to fight Boetsch):

The Bisping fight is definitely something I want in the future.  Bisping went out of his way to talk shit on national TV and say that he got the better of me in training.  That’s obviously something that I want to clear up.  I don’t know who talks about practice really.  I went down there and trained with him one time when I was just cruising through LA.  I asked a good friend of mine down there if anybody was training, and he said, “Well Bisping is here and sparring a lot.”  So I ended up just showing up for a sparring day, and we went three rounds.  He was in training camp for Brian Stann.  I’m not going to go in-depth about what happened and this and that, but there are a lot of different circumstances in training.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion on how these rounds go, but if he really thinks that he got the better of me, the guy is just delusional coming out and saying anything about it.  A fight would go a little differently, I’m sure.  I’m pretty positive about how our fight would go.  I’d love to get that fight and do it for the fans.  I think I could put on a great show for them.

It’s certainly a match-up that has plenty of potential, and if Rockhold can get by Boetsch in October, maybe the two will throwdown in 2014. Bisping is rumored to be facing Mark Munoz next, but so far, nothing official has been announced.

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