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For Micaala Seth, Squash is a Family Affair

The key to athletic excellence is a determined individual backed by a strong support system of some sort. This support for many athletes is the same. A trusted coach, an equally motivated teammate, or the people you grew up surrounded by- your family.

For Micaala Seth, A University of Waterloo competitive squash player, family is where her passion and road to success began.

Micaala started playing squash at a very young age, at Elora Racquets Club. Her father, Shaman Seth, and Jake Doering coached her growing up.

“Both my dad, Shaman, and Jake Doering were my coaches when I was little, spending hours and hours working on developing my swings.”

It was her coaches that helped ignite Micaala’s passion for the sport, fueling her determination.
It wasn’t until her parents got a phone call from Jan Craig, that she played competitively. Jan, the coach of the Western Region Team, wanted Micaala to try out for an under 13 female position on the team for the Ontario Winter Games.

“I tried out, and competed at the Ontario Winter Games. (I believe we got silver that year) and fell in love with squash.”

Micaala’s love for squash sparked an interest in her four siblings, Natasha, Cameron, Marisa, and Ravi.

“After that, it was a domino effect.”

The siblings worked together to improve and perfect their skill.

“We drilled with each other, supported each other and pushed each other forward.”

Even today, the family unit remains strong and determined in whatever they attempt. When Micaala started at University of Waterloo she learned there was no existing Women’s Varsity Squash Team.

“I was initially disappointed,” Micaala shared. “Motivated and determined, I saw this as an opportunity to create a team to allow myself and other female squash players at the school to compete.”

With the help of the Men’s team and her sister, Natasha’s efforts, hard work paid off.

“The Women’s Varsity Squash Team became a reality and together we (Micaala and Natasha) lead, manage, and train the team. In my fourth year at the University of Waterloo, we were granted an official Women’s Varsity Team.”

As Micaala prepares for her next step, her sister, Natasha, prepares for her #1 spot on the team.

“It was definitely a team effort putting the UW women’s team back on the map. Natasha was also a huge driving force. She played #2 on the team when I was there, now she moves to #1 since I’ve graduated.”

The passion of this family extends past the University of Waterloo though.

“We have provided mentorship to the women’s Brock University team and Laurier University. In the 2012/2013 season, Brock competed with a full women’s team at OUAs. Laurier competed with a trial men’s team in the 2012/2013 season and is currently building a women’s team. Also, Guelph University competed with a trial Men’s team. These movements are showing the development and growth of squash across schools.”

It takes a true, honest love for a sport to carry on through athlete to athlete and a determination like no other to achieve greatness.

“I truly believe that it’s about your own choices, passion, and determination. No matter what challenges are put in front of you, there’s a way to overcome those challenges.”

This mindset is clearly the norm in the Seth family. I am sure the varsity squash community hasn’t heard the end of the signature Seth determination.