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Thank God it’s (almost) Friday

Thank God it’s (almost) Friday

So, the Mets season is over. Giants are absolutely abysmal. JR Smith finds ways to get suspended even when the season hasn’t started. Not to mention my fantasy team is dead last in the league thanks to Ray Rice. But there’s hope. Hockey season is underway, and the New York Islanders have a chance to pick up my spirits.

Sure, the Islanders didn’t get too far in the playoffs. But last season was just this seasons warm up. They have pretty much the same team as last year, minus our captain. But, I’d much rather have Johnny T as our team captain anyways.

What a way to start the season if you’re an Isles fan. Or a New Jersey Devils fan for that matter. Although the Devils missed the playoffs last season, they’re a great team. And regardless, this is a division game. Both teams can’t afford to lose to start the season with an in-divison rival.

It’s important for the Isles to jump out with this win. To grab a win away, against a solid team, will really put them in the right direction for the start of the season. After this game, they have two home games against Columbus and Phoenix before they head out on the road again.

I’m not worried about them losing in the Coliseum. Nassau Coliseum was pretty much shaking like an earthquake hit Long Island during the playoffs. Fans are excited to be there, and they’re happy hockey is finally back. And with the move to Brooklyn next year, They are going to want to make every game at the Colly count.

The Islanders look good. They did lose to the Devils 3-0 this preseason, but that’s in the past. It’s good to get an ugly loss like that out early, and now they’re ready for them in the regular season. Their first line – John Tavares, Matt Moulson and Kyle Okposo – can match any in the NHL.

The Devils are no joke, though. Patrik Elias was their team leader for assists with 22. And now, with legend Jaromir Jagar to put them in the net, it could be a very dangerous combo.

I think the Isles will get a win on Friday. Nothing like the start to the NHL season to light a fire under a teams ass.

I’m just excited to see some action. Football’s turning into a pathetic-contact sport with all these new rules. At least in hockey you know you’re gonna see some great hits, fights and tons of blood.

Time for a real New York team to start playing.