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Agreeing With Jim Leyland Is Very Painful

Agreeing With Jim Leyland Is Very Painful

For everyone that tried to convince people that Mike Trout deserved the MVP over Miguel Cabrera last year, to even ponder Max Scherzer not winning the American League Cy Young is ridiculous.

It doesn’t matter. I repeat: it doesn’t matter if he gets one run, two runs or 10 runs per start; the guy has numbers like we haven’t seen in years.

Think back to the days of Pedro Martinez, Randy Johnson or Roger Clemens.

Max Scherzer is doing that.

He leads, or is in the top-three, of the AL in every major pitching category. He sat with one-loss for the better half of the post-all star break.

Max Scherzer has done more than enough to garner the award. He should walk away with it.

But, just like with Trout vs. Miggy last year, people love to argue.

Should Scherzer be punished because his team scores runs for him? Maybe it provides him with some relaxation when toeing the rubber, but he still needs to make pitches. Still needs to make outs.

And, unless something crazy happens over these last few weeks, nobody is going to come close to him.

Many “experts” take the opposite approach and try to give awards to players on bad teams. Or they take out the wins and losses factor.

Those are major components to the season. If player A has 45 home runs and just 90 RBI, and player B has 35 homers and 135 RBI, who was more valuable? Who did more?

These arguments have been going on for years, and will continue on for years, in the sport of baseball.

Speaking of arguments and awards, it appears as if the AL MVP is once again being debated.

I spoke of Trout vs. Cabrera earlier, and those two are going at it again – and I don’t get it.

Here sits Cabrera, on the verge of potentially earning another Triple Crown and he isn’t the clear-cut favorite? Really? Really!

Cabrera’s pursuit could be derailed because of his, well, how do I say this considering he is a pro athlete – his not-too-peak physical condition. Lately, he’s been sitting, and that has allowed him to not hit home runs and not get closer to Chris Davis in the HR race.

Regardless if Miggy does or doesn’t secure another Triple Crown, he’s been the most dominate player in the game – hitter, pitcher, fielder; whatever, it’s Miggy.

Yes, Trout has had another fine season, but not on par with his own year a season ago and that wasn’t enough to upend Cabrera.

So, why would he be able to do it this time? I don’t know. I guess people just like to talk…….

And finally, I’m going to throw a name out there for the NL MVP because that seems to be getting overshadowed by all these incredible playoff races and award races.

Paul Goldschmidt deserves it.

Goldschmidt, from the Arizona Diamondbacks in case you don’t know, has been the most productive player in the NL. He’s driving in runs with no support, belting homers and playing a solid glove.

Who else is there? Honestly, I don’t know and don’t care at this point.