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Antonio Smith Has Got To Go From The NFL

Antonio Smith Has Got To Go From The NFL

Forget just a fine.

Or even a suspension.

Houston Texans defensive end Antonio Smith should be barred from the NFL.

Yeah, you heard me right: BARRED.

In this day and age where it is of the utmost importance to catch cheaters, Smith is worse.

He’s a thug. A gangster. A wanna-be-tough-guy.

This past weekend, Smith was working to get past Miami Dolphins offensive lineman Richie Incognito – side note, one of the greatest names in all of sports – when he got his hand stuck in the face mask of the former Nebraska Cornhusker.

Incognito’s helmet came off and what did Smith do?

Did he just throw it to the ground?

Did he turn around the toss it off the field?

Nope, he tried to use it as a weapon and uppercut Incognito in the face.

You heard me right…..he whipped back and fired the helmet directly into the face of the defenseless player.

Really? Really!

The Dolphins are sending tape to the NFL’s offices in regards to a suspension or fine. He better get both…and more.

The best part about this whole situation? It isn’t the first time Smith has attacked Incognito.

Last season, Smith kicked Incognito while he was laying on the ground. That led to a fine of $21,000 that his legal team got down to $11,000.

Great job by them; poor job by the NFL sticking to the original punishment.

I get it, there is plenty of trash talk, name-calling and dirty actions between offensive and defensive linemen throughout the season – including in practice. But, there is no reason to ever strike another player like Smith did.

Previously, Smith has called out Incognito for being a “dirty player.” So, does that mean he is going to go after every single player that does something “dirty” and try to rip their helmet off and strike them with it?

Smith’s not going to have a whole lot of time to try and sack the quarterback if that’s his path.

The thing I don’t get about Smith is why doesn’t he just call out Incognito after a practice and settle his differences with him? Here’s a guy who is 6-4 and almost 300 pounds and incredible strength and power.

Incognito is equally as big, standing 6-3 and coming in at 320.

Settle it like a man and throw down. Heck, maybe they could even get both teams to form a large circle and may the best man win.

But, using a helmet like a loaded weapon and attempting to knock someone out – and in front of fans, coaches, players and local media – seems like a good way to get yourself kicked straight to the curb and out of the league for good.

Roger Goodell, if you care so much about taking care of performance-enhancing drugs and cleaning up the NFL, start by getting these thugs, gangsters and wanna-be-tough guys out of the greatest sport going today.



UPDATE: Are you serious? Two preseason games is all that Smith is going to get for this ordeal?

That’s one of the weakest, most pathetic suspensions I’ve ever heard of.

Guess you have to use the helmet multiple times to receive the true wrath of Goodell and the NFL.