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Best of the Best

Best of the Best

The Quarter Back has long been the standard to judge a team. Denver, New Orleans, New England, Kansas City and Seattle are undefeated after five weeks. All of these teams have Quarter Backs who have proven their worth; not just to their teams but to the league. And, since no undefeated teams are playing each other, how can we decide whose team has the best?

1. The obvious answer is Peyton Manning. He has nearly 1,500 yards after five weeks, and 16 touchdowns to match. The most impressive stat: no interceptions. Manning is a man amongst boys when he is on the field. Watching him is a gift for football fans. It is hard to compare players from different generations, but Manning will certainly be the one to compare with previous generations, and the standard to compare to for generations to come. At this rate, it would be disappointing to not see Denver in the Super Bowl.

2. Drew Brees is an extremely close second. After an embarrassing season last year, the Saints ought to be taken as one of the lead contenders for the Super Bowl. His style of play is the only one that can possibly match Manning’s. He has more yards than Manning, and commands his army with the same intensity as him too. Brees has shed that lame-duck season of last year and has made everyone remember the 2010 Super Bowl-winning season he commanded. I think if anyone can beat Manning, it would be Brees. Take of note how he plays against Tom Brady and the NE Patriots in week 6.

3. Hey, anyone remember Alex Smith? The 49ers were quick to forget about him. And, yeah, Colin Kaepernick led San Fran to the Super Bowl last season he has underperformed immensely this season. Makes you wonder if the 49ers could have won the Super Bowl with Smith commanding them… Smith found the right home with the Chiefs. Andy Reid, despite what Philadelphia fans say, is a great coach. With close to 1000 yards, 7 touchdowns and only 2 ints, I’m personally shocked he isn’t getting the recognition he deserves. Maybe after a win against Tennessee people will start mentioning Smith with the best of the best.

4. The man who will always be mentioned with Manning’s for this generations greatest – Tom Brady. Matching Smith with the same number of touchdowns and ints, and only a few more yards, Brady has managed to quietly keep the Patriots on top of the AFC East. Five Super Bowl appearances should be enough of a reason to cast him as one of the best. But his ability to make receivers who would otherwise be mediocre is what makes him amazing. Manning may put up more numbers, but no one is smoother than Brady at QB. It should be interesting to watch him go against the Bengals and their stellar defense.

5. In his second season, Russell Wilson has solidified himself as the Seahawks franchise QB. He is the perfect blend of a mobile/pocket QB. His ability to run doesn’t only extend play, it makes him an extremely dangerous weapon. He has 6 touchdowns with only 2 ints, with close to 800 yards passing. He also has 131 yards rushing. I believe in years to come he will improve his numbers statistically. But for now, we should enjoy watching him make the Seahawks a Super Bowl front-runner.