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Does Anybody Really Enjoy The NFL’s Preseason Schedule?

Does Anybody Really Enjoy The NFL’s Preseason Schedule?

I am constantly asked as a sports writer what is so important about the NFL’s preseason?

Whether you love it, hate it or could care less about it, an opinion seems to be out there concerning it.

Personally, I enjoy watching the preseason slate of games for two major reasons.

First, it’s football baby!

We’ve been waiting months and months to see 22 players compete on the gridiron in tackle football, so who really cares if it is completely meaningless and unimportant at this point.

Second, I am a diehard college football fan and the preseason allows me a chance to see some of my favorites from those universities in action for maybe the final time.

With the ever-increasing risk of injuries, not using your important players – and even unimportant ones if they are starters – in the preseason makes total sense.

Sure, you probably aren’t going to see many interesting games, but getting third- and fourth-stringers in a tight situation reminds me of high school games; players running around like chickens with their heads cut off, trying desperately to make the deciding play.

Is the preseason too long? Probably.

Would less games mean less injuries? Sure.

But, as someone who goes into hibernation between mid-February and early-August when football goes M.I.A., I am more than happy to sit down, pour a cold one and enjoy even the Hall of Fame game.