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Don’t Feel Bad For Former Slugger Mark McGwire

Don’t Feel Bad For Former Slugger Mark McGwire

Mark McGwire had plenty of chances to come clean, repair his image, or, just never use performance-enhancing drugs.

Now, as several current MLB stars head to the sidelines with suspensions for their part in the Biogenesis scandal, don’t even for a second feel sorry for “Big Mac.”

McGwire led a life away from baseball that nobody knew about.

He was quiet, kept to himself and didn’t push his image on people.

However, he cheated.

Plain and simple.

For every home run that nearly cleared the stadium fences, McGwire was adding more and more testosterone or steroid or something to that affect to his body.

Recently, the retired slugger stated that he wished he could take away his part in the drug-run in baseball. He also wished baseball had caught him earlier, had programs in place to keep him from cheat.


So, more or less, like he has done since his days of blasting balls into orbit, McGwire placed the blame somewhere else. Previously it was Jose Canseco’s fault. Now, it’s major league baseball’s fault.

No, Mark it is your fault. You. It was you who popped those needles, downed those pills, did all those illegal things. You cheated, Mark, and you can’t “wish” that away from anybody.