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Ian Poulter Calls for Tasers on Certain PGA Championship Fans

Ian Poulter Calls for Tasers on Certain PGA Championship Fans

In recent comments on Twitter, it is obvious that Ian Poulter is fed up with some of the fans at this weekends PGA Championship.

You know the fans we are talking about, the ones who were yelling things like “Mashed Potatoes !” and “Baba Booey!” as well as “Chewbacca” after golfers finished their swings from the tee? Most of us watching the tour on television think these people are being funny, but the golfers however do not find it so amusing.

A fed up Poulter took to Twitter to voice his concern. Poulter tweeted  ( warning explicit language), “This baba boo shit & mash potato crap shouting wouldn’t happen at Augusta, The Open, nor would it happen at Wimbledon. Tazer the thrushes”.

This was followed by another tweet directed at the PGA saying, ” I’m calling for @PGATOUR to step in & stop this shouting out right after shots. Message in to @PGATOUR with your thoughts. Tazer them?”

Yes, tasers. Imagine the day when golfers are able to walk around with 300-volt tasers in their golf bag. Maybe Poulter could have used to the taser to wake up Tiger Woods’ game, who was brutal this weekend.  It is pretty evident that Poulter was kidding, but clearly he wants something done about the situation.

If you have ever attended a live golf event before you know that they are not the most fun-filled, and any horsing around is not allowed. I recently attended the final round of the Canadian Open at Glen Abby. The atmosphere was exactly what I expected: everyone was quiet, and if you even moved one inch when the player was about to take his shot, you would be yelled at by the marshals. Don’t even think about whipping out your cell phone either, because it might get taken away. Seriously.

Golf needs to not take it self so seriously and let the fans have a little bit of fun. I don’t understand why the golfers are getting mad about the yelling after the shot. The fans normally shout when the golfer is admiring his shot. If fan are paying one hundred dollars to watch a final round of golf, they should be able to do whatever they want within the rules of golf. The PGA should not add rules to appease the golfers.

A word of warning to all fans, if you are attending a PGA event I’d stick to saying “get in the hole” – unless you want to be electrocuted.