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Is Tim Lincecum Back To His Cy Young-Winning Ways?

Is Tim Lincecum Back To His Cy Young-Winning Ways?

Tim Lincecum has won two Cy Young awards already during his career.

He is a four-time all-star, two-time World Series champion and has won three National League strikeout titles.

But, upon a year-and-a-half slump, some worried that the 29-year-old was done.


Washed up.

Well, all it took was a no-hitter – the first of his career – and it appears as if Lincecum has returned to form.

The San Francisco Giant right-hander tossed that elusive no-hitter right before the all-star break, quieting San Diego on July 13.

Last week, he added an eight-inning, one-hit performance to his record vs. Milwaukee, only missing out on a complete game because of a blister forming on his finger.

While the blister injury could mean trouble going forward, maybe it won’t.

Lincecum’s frame and delivery have caused many MLB analysts reason to curb much appeal for him in the coming years. He is slender, and uses a wicked pitching motion, but it works for him.

Why was he struggling so much than early on?

I blame it on the brain.

Lincecum was over-thinking each pitch, trying to make it as perfect as possible.

In baseball, you are going to give up hits. You are going to give up home runs. You are going to give up runs.

To be successful, though, you need to be able to limit those “big” innings that can doom a team.

Lincecum struggled with that. He was trying to be perfect from pitch No. 1 through the ninth; and he wasn’t getting anywhere near the ninth because of it.

While the Giants may not make a postseason return to defend their title, it appears they have the old Tim Lincecum back in fine form.