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Is Washington’s Use Of Redskins Coming To An End?

Is Washington’s Use Of Redskins Coming To An End?

While the majority of the NFL world centers attention on the health of star quarterback Robert Griffin III, there are those that are more focused on Washington’s nickname, the Redskins.

A group spearheaded by members of Congress are pushing for the team to change out the offensive nickname. In fact, in a letter to Washington owner Daniel Snyder, the members stated that the use of Redskins is as derogatory as the “’N-word’ among African Americans or the ‘W-word’ among Latinos” towards Native Americans.

Snyder, who has been known to be stubborn on several issues, remains stead-fast in keeping the nickname.

If, though, there is a move to change, what should Washington be called? Here’s a few possibilities.



This one seems to be the most likely candidate, as it would pay respect to the men who do all the “dirty” work in D.C.

Plus, the previous professional baseball team in Washington used Senators, but opted for Nationals upon coming back to town.



During their heyday, the Redskins were known for having “Hogs” upfront, dominating the line of scrimmage and controlling the game.

Now, with a need for a new nickname, they could honor the past and keep the diehard fans happy in the process.

Of course, Washington Hogs just doesn’t really have a good ring to it.



Would dropping the “Red” make people happy? Doubtful, but it would get rid of some of the stereotype.

If, and that seems to be a big if at this point, a change is made, Skins would have to be the frontrunner, as it would allow for the easiest transition.



Much like Senators, this would keep with the Washington-based pro sports teams that are called the Nationals and Capitals.

Snyder, though, seem to be more of an outside-the-box type, and would likely prefer to distance himself from baseball and hockey. Plus, there really is no reason to go with Wizards, the NBA team.