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Jose Fernandez Is Better Than Matt Harvey

Jose Fernandez Is Better Than Matt Harvey

Jose Fernandez plays for the Florida….err, Miami Marlins.

You might not know who he is if you don’t following baseball – or more importantly, fantasy baseball – all that closely.

Matt Harvey is the ace of the New York Mets pitching staff and a name most casual observers of the game know.

Harvey and Fernandez are both considered two of the top pitchers in all of baseball because of their abilities, but most view Harvey ahead of Fernandez.

I don’t.

If Fernandez played in a major-market, he would be getting the pub of anybody out there in the world of baseball.

He kind of falls in that same line as Felix Hernandez, who seems to have to pitch above-and-beyond what a normal ace would to receive credit.

Jose Fernandez came to the U.S. from Cuba, embarking on a journey most wouldn’t survive just to become free.

Pitching, as Fernandez stated in a video released by the Marlins earlier this year, isn’t as pressure-packed as strapping yourself on a homemade raft and pushing through storms to the Florida coast.

The numbers between Harvey and Fernandez are close, but there is just something about the Marlin that gives him that added push to succeed.

Look for Fernandez to improve his command over these last few months, enter Spring Training next year more prepared physically for the grind of a 162-game season, and become a contender for Cy Young awards to come.