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Let Adrian Peterson Decide What Adrian Peterson Wants To Do

Let Adrian Peterson Decide What Adrian Peterson Wants To Do

Adrian Peterson has dealt with family tragedy before.

On Friday, Peterson found out that his two-year-old son died from injuries sustained in a senseless incident in South Dakota.

Only recently did Peterson find out about the child, learning he is in fact the father.

Regardless of that, the fact that so many have chimed in with what “A.D.” should do on Sunday is ridiculous.

Peterson is a grown man who can make this decision on his own, based around his own beliefs and feelings on the matter.

Joe Schmo who likes the Vikings and wants Peterson to play to help “his” team doesn’t matter.

Paul Who with Peterson on his fantasy team doesn’t matter.

Nobody but Adrian Peterson matters in this situation. What he decides to do will be what he wants to do.

Last year, Torrey Smith, a wide receiver for the Baltimore Ravens, experienced a family tragedy and went out and had a career-game.

Several years ago, Brett Favre did the same after the passing of his father.

For pro athletes, the game is a way of freeing their minds for a few hours and forgetting all about the issues causing them pain in their personal lives.

Peterson has done this before.

The night before he was set to compete at the NFL Combine, a half-brother who he called his best friend, passed away. Peterson went out and wowed the scouts, competing with a heavy heart.

During his time at Oklahoma, Peterson balanced becoming a star and an icon with having a father who was locked up in prison and not able to see his son play for years.

Just the fact that more people are talking about whether or not Peterson will suit up is ridiculous. Here’s a child that had their whole life ahead of them and some senseless human being took that away.

Peterson will do all that he can to make it right, but whether or not he plays on Sunday is his own decision.