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Punish Fan Who Tossed Banana At Adam Jones

Punish Fan Who Tossed Banana At Adam Jones

Baltimore Orioles outfielder Adam Jones was attacked recently – by a banana.

Yeah, I know it was just a banana, but the fan who tossed it at Jones deserves to be punished.

Alexander Poulides reportedly told a newspaper that he was the one who threw the banana at Jones – but he didn’t mean it in any derogatory way; he was just frustrated.



Come on Alexander, that is one of the weakest excuses to give.

You didn’t mean it in any other fashion besides being frustrated because your team, the San Francisco Giants, were losing a game? A game? They play 162 games, are not doing very well; so, are you going to toss something at a player each time they fall?

Poulides can try and back his way out of this, but he should be banned from ever stepping foot inside AT&T Park again. No ifs, ans or buts about it.

When a player steps out on the field, they do so feeling safe. They are vulnerable, especially those playing in the outfield, as fans can launch anything they feel at them.

There should be a level respect between players and fans so both feel safe.

What would keep Jones from turning around to a rude fan and smacking him with his bat? Or launching a ball at his head? Nothing, really, except respect.

If Poulides really didn’t mean to throw it, he wouldn’t have thrown it. Plain and simple.

Step up San Francisco, MLB and AT&T Park officials; ban this guy for good.