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NFL Week 2 in Review

NFL Week 2 in Review

Another week is in the books for the NFL, and it’s still a time of year where things are not yet in focus.

For example, are the Kansas City Chiefs really as good as their 2-0 record might make you think?

Are the New York Giants really 0-2 to start the season?

In reality, it’s just too early to get too concerned or too excited for the most part. And with that, we recap week 2:

Patriots 13, Jets 10: This was an ugly game, no two ways about it. But, there are no style points in the NFL, so Brady and Bellicheck will take any victory they can get and move on. For the Jets, they were close but having your rookie QB throw three INT in the final quarter isn’t going to get it done.

Falcons 31, Rams 24 : I didn’t expect the Rams to start 2-0, nor did I expect the Falcons to start 0-2. Both teams have offensive talent,but on Sunday, the Falcons flexed theirs more. They will need more big games from Julio Jones in order to claim the South yet again.

Bills 24, Panthers 23 : A tight game which was won with a TD in the final seconds. Tough luck to start the season 0-2 for the Panthers. And, Ron Rivera’s seat likely just got a bit hotter.

Bears 31, Vikings 30 : For these two teams, given their rivalry, a close game is to be expected. The Vikings starting 0-2, not so much. For Bears fans, they are getting used to good starts-its the end of the season where things get dicey, but so far under Coach Trestman, things are looking up.

Packers 38, Redskins 20 : In many cases, if you put up a line like 26-40, 320 yards and 3 TD, you figure that will get you the win. Unless you are up against a QB who put up 480 yards and 4 TD, as Aaron Rodgers did to the Redskins on Sunday. The Pack came back after their opening defeat to the 9ers, and the Redskins are in an 0-2 hole to start the season.

Dolphins 24, Colts 20 : Don’t look now, but the Dolphins are 2-0 to start the season. Things are looking up in Miami. And its a safe bet that Mr. Wallace won’t be as unhappy after this one, after leading the Phins in recieving on Sunday.

Chiefs 17, Cowboys 16 : Kansas City, the team with the worst record in the league last year, is now 2-0. Beating the Jags was impressive only in how dominating they were. Topping the Cowboys, by any means? Even more impressive for the new-look Chiefs. Next for them on a short week? Thursday night, emotional homecoming for Andy Reid in Philly. Could they possibly be looking at a 3-0 start?

Chargers 33, Eagles 30 : Yes, Chip Kelly, it is possible to score too fast in the NFL. With 3:11 to go, trailing by 3, most teams would run off as much clock as possible while driving for the score. Chip’s offense? Left 1:51 on the clock, which the Chargers then used to drive for the game winning field goal. 2 weeks, 2 exciting Eagles games, but still very much a work in progress.

Ravens 14, Browns 6 : Or, if you prefer, Old Browns versus New Browns. Even though Joe Flacco skipped the birth of his 2nd child to be at the game, this one was pretty much all about defense. Ravens recover from their opening night beating.

Texans 30, Titans 24 : Another week, another rally, another win. Good teams lose some close ones. Great ones find ways to win week after week no matter what. The Texans did it in San Diego week 1, and do it again at home in week 2. Too soon to call them great? Maybe…but they are finding ways to win.

Cardinals 25, Lions 21 : Arians gets the W in the home opener for the Cardinals, after a close loss last week. The stat lines for the Cardinals weren’t particularly eye-popping, but a win is a win.

Saints 16, Bucs 14 : Not a high scoring game that you might expect from Drew Brees and the Saints, but either way they are 2-0 and putting the nightmare of last season far behind them. For the Bucs, a team many thought could be a playoff team this year? Starting 0-2 is not the way to get there.

Raiders 19, Jaguars 9 : Most significant point I can make after this one? In two games, the Jaguars have scored 2 and 9 points. 11 total. A 5.5 points per game average. Right now, they are barely averaging more points a game than the Boston Red Sox. Yikes

Broncos 41, Giants 23 : Manning Bowl 2013 goes to Peyton. In a game that went to the half with a 10-9 score favoring the Broncos, it was hard to imagine the final score. Big brother looked much better than Eli did on this day, and the result has the Giants in an 0-2 hole to start the season.

Seahawks 29, 49ers 3 : If after last week, you felt the 9ers were the cream of the NFC crop, then Sunday night’s drubbing by the Seahawks may very well change that view. Seattle was far and away the better team on Sunday night, and it’s their mission this season to be the NFC representative come Super Bowl Sunday. This was a good step toward that goal.