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NFL Week 4 in Review

NFL Week 4 in Review

San Francisco 35, Rams 11: Just a few days after culminating a rough weekend with a tough loss, the 9ers get back to business in a dominating win over the Rams. Just in case anyone was thinking of writing them off already, Harbaugh’s crew makes a statement.

San Diego 30, Cowboys 21: San Diego pulls this one out late-a nice win for them. Best point out of this one? At a very mediocre looking 2-2, the Cowboys have a very weak hold on first place in the pedestrian NFC East.

Redskins 24, Raiders 14: Redskins finally winning a game is the story here. Side note? As disappointing as it should be to start the season 1-3 following an NFC East title, the ‘Skins are only 1 game out of first. Yes, that’s right. Is it too soon to ask if the NFC East winner will be the second team in recent memory to make the playoffs with a losing record?

Broncos 52, Eagles 20: After one half of football, this game was actually close. But we all knew that Peyton was just toying with the inept Eagles defense. The Broncos are rolling, though I believe there’s no truth to the rumor they’ve already engraved Manning’s name on the MVP trophy. For the Eagles? Hey, you’re still only a game out of first…

Chiefs 31, Giants 7: Another week, another shellacking for Coughlin’s Giants. We aren’t even out of the first month of the season, and already one half of the co-hosting teams for Super Bowl XLVIII is pretty much eliminated from playing a Super Bowl in their own stadium. Though, as inept as the rest of the NFC East has been, the Giants still haven’t been buried-yet. As for the Chiefs? Andy Reid landed in the perfect spot, wouldn’t you say? 4 games into 2013, and he has already doubled the wins that the Chiefs had the previous 16. Not too shabby.

Titans 38, Jets 13: The young Titans team is looking good early on. For the Jets? Well, the consolation prize is they are still the best football team in New York City.

Seahawks 23, Texans 20: It took overtime, but the Hawks remain perfect. As good as the Texans are, it has been a tough two weeks, knocking them down to 2-2.

Colts 37, Jaguars 3: Luck and the Colts are hitting on all cylinders yet again. Though, beating up on the hapless Jags isn’t necessarily worth getting all excited about. For the Jaguars, the march toward 0-16 and the Jadaveon Clowney prize continues.

Cardinals 13, Bucs 10: For a moment, it looked like Glennon would win his rookie debut, but the Cardinals pulled this one out late. The wheels sure look like they are falling off in Tampa, even if on the field the score was close and the game competitive.

Vikings 34, Steelers 27:  One of these teams had to win. Someone was finally not going to be winless. Unfortunately for the Steelers, it wasn’t them, and they head into the bye week staring at a surprising 0-4 record.

Lions 40, Bears 32: Coming into this game, the Lions defense was talking a good game, and while they surely did not shut down Cutler and the Bears offense, they did enough to allow the Lions to claim a share of first in the NFC North. It’s only a quarter of the way through the season, but the Lions have to feel pretty good about being 3-1 right now.

Bills 33, Ravens 20: Most weeks, this game is my surprise of the week. A week after the Ravens produced a dominating win driven by their defense, the Ravens offense-specifically Joe Flacco and his 5 picks, cost them the game. Nice win over the Super Bowl champions for EJ Manuel and the Bills.

Browns 17, Bengals 6: Go ahead, re-read it. The Browns won. Games like these are why it’s hard to get too excited about the Bengals at times. A week after they beat the Packers, they lay the mother of all eggs against the Browns. And how about those Browns? Tied for first place? Crazy.

Patriots 30, Falcons 23: This may be the most impressive run for Tom Brady yet, simply because of the cast of characters he is working with. The receivers are young and largely unknown. He doesn’t have a single tight end from last year on the field (yet). He lost Wes Welker, and the replacement, the super-fragile Danny Amendola, is on the shelf. And yet, the Pats are 4-0. Defensively, they took a hit last night, as Vince Wilfork may be out for the year with an achilles injury. As for the Falcons? One of the few teams pundits thought were worthy of the NFC spot in the Super Bowl now sits at 1-3. Not where they want to be, especially considering the Saints are 3-0, going for 4-0 on Monday night.