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NFL Week 5 in Review

NFL Week 5 in Review

Nothing like a crazy NFL weekend to distract you from all the other noise, right? Where else can you see the Cleveland Browns win in prime time, keeping them first place (not a misprint!). See the Giants drop to 0-5. New Orleans and Kansas City? Undefeated. Seahawks? Perfect no more. And how ’bout dem Cowboys? Oh, what’s that? Romo coughed up another one? In what could have been a defining positive moment for the Dallas signal caller instead turned into another late game gaffe, wasting his 500 yard day in the process as the Broncos too, remain perfect.

Here’s the weekly rundown:

Browns 37 Bills 24: Aside from the Browns winning again, the most notable news from the game involved both starting QBs. The Browns lost new starter Jed Hoyer to a season-ending knee injury, while the Bills lost EJ Manuel to a sprain, but expect him back this season. Positive news for the Brownies was that displaced starter Brandon Weeden came back in and ran things very well in the victory. And, oh yea. The Browns have a new and quite lethal returner whom you might want to avoid kicking too…

Saints 26 Bears 18: At this point, its safe to say that the Saints are happy to have their Head Coach back, and they are comfortably in front in the NFC South. The Bears, after starting the season 3-0, have now dropped their last two games. What has really impressed about the Saints? Brees no longer has to throw for 400 yards and four TD to win-New Orleans actually has some semblance of a solid defense.

Bengals 13, Patriots 6: New England loses their first of the season in a low scoring affair that also saw Tom Brady’s TD streak come to an end. The past few weeks the Pats have gutted out the wins, but they have looked like a work in progress-because they are. They are still 4-1, but they know they have to work on some things now in order to make this a long season.

Packers 22, Lions 9: Without Megatron, the Lions certainly struggled, though either way, the Packers knew this was as big a game as they would face at this point in the season. Lose it, and they are looking at 1-3. They surely don’t like their record today, but they are only a game behind the Bears and Lions at this point.

Chiefs 26, Titans 17: Kansas City had to work hard for this one, and came close to leaving the game with a loss, but in the end they rallied and remained unbeaten at 5-0. Many thought that between new coach Andy Reid and new QB  Alex Smith that the Chiefs would enjoy a quick rebound, and they would be right.

Colts 34, Seahawks 28: This is a game where Indy impressed me. Luck looks poised in the pocket, and when you glance at the videos it really is like watching a young Peyton Manning under center. Seattle is still very much the cream of the NFC crop, and I am sure this one will bug them. I don’t think I’d want to be the Titans playing them next, in Seattle.

Rams 34, Jaguars 20: It’s no surprise that the Jaguars lost yet again, dropping them to 0-5. But, this one was more devastating than just on the scoreboard and in the W/L column, as they’ve now lost Luke Joeckel for the year, mere days after trading away their other starting tackle. Not that they had any hope of doing anything this year…..

Ravens 26, Dolphins 23: After a tough AFC matchup, both teams stand at 3-2. Both look like they could make some noise in the playoffs, when they are at their best. The Dolphins rallied but fell short in the end-a fact that hurts even more knowing that they could have been tied for first since the Patriots lost.

Eagles 36, Giants 21: I’ve already seen fans calling for Coughlin’s head. And, maybe they are right, but I presume he has the season to coach, at least. 2 rings will give you that leeway. That being said, the Giants were just…bad. They actually pulled ahead in the 3rd quarter, albeit briefly, and looked like they were going to keep things close. But 3 Eli Manning interceptions on 3 straight Giants possessions put the game out of reach. For the Eagles? 2-3 isn’t great, but in the NFC East this year, that means they are sharing first with Dallas.

Cardinals 22, Panthers 6: Arizona used it’s defense to annoy and frustrate Carolina all day en route to the victory. They are still on the outside looking in, but the win has them at 3-2 and very much in the discussion out West.

Broncos 51, Cowboys 48: A shootout, thats the best way to describe this matchup. 920 yards of passing offense and 99 points. When these teams want to brag, it certainly can’t be about their defenses in this game. Romo had 500+ yards and 5 scores, and had the Cowboys poised to pick up the win, but a costly late interception extinguished those hopes and drops Dallas to 2-3 and in a tie for first place in the NFC East.

49ers 34, Texans 3: Absolute and total domination by San Francisco. For the second week in a row, a 9ers team that needed a big win got it. For the Texans? Something’s definitely not right there, as they’ve gone from a promising start to a three game losing streak. In a competitive AFC, they are out of the mix right now and in 3rd in their own division. Not where the benched Matt Schaub and company expected to be.

Raiders 27, Chargers 17: Ah, the inconsistencies. That’s what tells you these teams are destined for a mere 16 games this year. The Raiders are young still, coming of age if you will. The Chargers can’t decide what they want to be just yet, but at the end of the day both teams are 2-3 and that probably sums it up.