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NFL Week 5 Ramblings: Peyton, Romo Put On A Show

NFL Week 5 Ramblings: Peyton, Romo Put On A Show

A college football game broke out in “Big D” during Week 5 of the NFL season, as Peyton Manning and Tony Romo did their best impressions of an old-school shootout.

The Broncos ended up with the ball last and won, as Manning threw for 414 yards and four scores, while Romo actually bettered those numbers with 506 and five.

However, as has been the case in the past, Mr. Crawford gave up a late interception that resulted in Denver booting through the game-winning three points, remaining unbeaten with a 51-48 victory.

Should the Cowboys be down? Not a chance, as they took it right too the “best team in the NFL” right now and went move-for-move with Manning.

An early lead evaporated because of a lack of fundamentals, but if this Cowboy unit shows up from here on out – especially vs. other NFC East teams – there is no doubting they will be a playoff contender come December.

Speaking of playoff contenders, one Super Bowl contender suffered its first defeat of the year when Indianapolis pulled a Seattle vs. the Seahawks.

Eleven unanswered fourth quarter points led the Colts to their biggest win since….well, when Peyton guided them to the Super Bowl.

Andrew Luck and company found a way to get it done, improving to 4-1 with a victory over the previously undefeated Seahawks.

Give Seattle a break this week, as they were coming off that incredible comeback from last week and playing on the road. I still feel they are the class-act of the NFC, despite the uprising of the Saints.

New Orleans and Drew Brees did what Russell Wilson and the Seahawks couldn’t, as they headed North to Chicago and stuck it to the Bears.

Brees is a master, and the best quarterback I’ve seen since Dan Marino suited up for the Dolphins. He is a surgeon with the ball, picking apart defenses and making the Saints a contender yet again.

And have you noticed Jimmy Graham? There’s no way not too, as he might be the best receiver in the NFL. And he’s a tight end!

Graham is an athletic freak, as the former basketball player has transitioned into a premier player in the league. Of course, it helps to have a QB like Brees guiding you open.

Injuries and a lack of free-agent pickups finally got to the Patriots this week, as New England was bested by Cincinnati.

The Pats let Wes Welker leave, causing Tom Brady to work with a group of no-name receivers that just can’t quite cut it in the NFL.

Brady didn’t throw a touchdown for the first time in 50-plus games, and the Pats didn’t reach the end zone at all. Yes, the Bengals are a sound team, especially at home, but this was an abysmal performance by New England that is sure to hear it from “The Sweatshirt” this week.

What can we take away from Kansas City’s 26-17 victory over Tennessee? The Chiefs are for real.

Alex Smith appeared to be on the verge last year before an injury left the 49ers with a decision to make. Jamaal Charles is an elite running back and the defense is coming into form after years of strong draft choices.

Oh, and Andy Reid. My god, if the Eagles aren’t kicking themselves right now.

Reid is a tremendous coach who just needed a change of environment. He’s a winner, always has been; now, he is proving it in the AFC and setting up an epic showdown with the Broncos down the road.

Also, Reid and the Chiefs own wins over Dallas, Philly and the New York Giants. All NFC East teams, and rosters the rotund one is quite familiar with.

Just a few more quick thoughts on Week 5:

Philip Rivers is an elite NFL quarterback who needs to take the Reid approach and find a new home. San Diego is not for him.

I like what the Raiders are doing with Terrelle Pryor. He’s a tremendous athlete. They aren’t making him throw it 50 times and win games, they are using ball control and big plays to get it done.

Cam Newton isn’t a winner. It’s just not going to work for Newton in Carolina.

The Jaguars might go down as one of the worse teams in NFL history. Blaine Gabbert….what happened? You were so efficient in college.

And finally, the Giants need a reset. This year is done unless they can figure out how to run the football and play defense. Staples of past New York teams, but not this one.