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Oakland Makes Right Move Going With Terrelle Pryor

Oakland Makes Right Move Going With Terrelle Pryor

Yeah, the headline says it all, “Oakland makes right move going with Terrelle Pryor.”

Since making a run to the Super Bowl with Rich Gannon under center, not a lot has gone right for the Black and Silver.

But naming Pryor the starter of Matt Flynn does.

Sure, it doesn’t take back the decision to give Flynn all that money and grab him from the Seattle Seahawks, but it gives them the most promise for the future.

Pryor was viewed as an athletic freak while at Ohio State University. He just didn’t have the right mental makeup, and made bad decisions because he had a bad decision-maker leading him in Jim Tressel.

After spending a few years in the league, though, Pryor has made amends and appears to be on the right course. He led Oakland to more preseason success – yes, I realize the preseason doesn’t mean squat, but it’s not as if Flynn proven much either.

On the athletic side, Pryor gives Oakland a huge arm, mobility and the big-play threat.

If the Raiders wanted to play it safe, they would have just given Flynn the job out of the gates and went with it.

Now, they have the chance to make a giant leap, instead of a win or two difference from last year.

Speaking of NFL QB decisions, the Buffalo Bills seem to be backtracking a bit on starting undrafted rookie Jeff Tuel.

Bills head coach Doug Marrone is now preparing EJ Manuel or Tuel to make the Week 1 start against the New England Patriots.

Manuel suffered a knee injury and was presumed out, so Buffalo went to Kevin Kolb.

Kolb, however, went down with another concussion and could be finished.

That left Tuel standing all alone, especially after bust Matt Leinart was released.

As we get closer to Kickoff Sunday, though, Manuel’s status is changing. He’s back at practice, doing a little more than the previous day, and could be the one taking snaps under center.

We previously talked about Tuel and his “tools” as far as the NFL goes, and there’s no doubt that Marrone, Buffalo’s front office and Bills fans everywhere want Manuel taking those snaps against the Pats.

It’s really no surprise that the teams who bring up the rear in the NFL are the ones that can’t seem to find that franchise quarterbacks.

We’ve talked about Oakland and Buffalo, and you can add Kansas City, Jacksonville, Arizona and the New York Jets to that list, as well.

If you don’t have the kind of big-play, right-decision maker directing your offense, there is just no way you can succeed in this day and age in the NFL.

Not as a coach.

Not as a coordinator.

And not as a quarterback.