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Rankings Baseball’s Divisions Going Forward

Rankings Baseball’s Divisions Going Forward

The decision to expand the postseason made it a necessity to move the Houston Astros over to the American League, balancing things out as best the MLB could.

However, the acquisition of the Astros really was no more than a middle-of-the-pack team adding a relief pitcher late in the season.

In other words, it did little to balance things out other than provide interleague matchups each week.

With the mid-point to the season fast approaching, how do the divisions in each league stack up to one another?


AL East

It’s hard to move the AL East out of the top spot, as the Yankees and Red Sox remain two strong contenders, while the Orioles and Rays continue to climb the pecking order.

Even the Blue Jays have several stars and could turn things around when Jose Reyes returns, but competing in this division, the uphill fight will be tough.

It’s no wonder that several years in a row now the wild-card has come out of the East.


NL West

They don’t blow teams away, but the wild, wild NL West remains a strong group of teams.

The Diamondbacks are a surprise so far, while it seems as if the Giants will always be right there as long as Bruce Bochy is managing them.

At Coors Field, the Rockies just continue to plug away, while the Padres can win a game or two when the stars align.

Wait, who am I forgetting? Oh yeah, the Dodgers, who have yet to produce but could turns things around with a hot streak.


NL East

The Braves started off 2013 as the hottest team in baseball, but have cooled as the season continues.

The Nationals are right there now, as are the Phillies despite battling several key losses. Heck, even the Mets are only a handful of games back despite shedding payroll in recent years and rebuilding around David Wright.

The Marlins tend to bring this group down, as they are fielding no higher than a Double-A team at the moment.


AL West

Like the NL East, the bottom portion of the AL West is what keeps them from a higher ranking.

Texas and Oakland are legitimate World Series contenders, while you just have to think that – with better health – the Angels will be right there, as well.

Seattle has been a surprise behind excellent pitching, but Houston remains a doormat for everybody else to use.


NL Central

Give this division credit, but the Cardinals, Reds and even Pirates are playing good baseball.

The only issue I have is, can it keep up? Will Pittsburgh really be there at the end of the year?

And with the Cubs and Brewers playing well-below .500, this division has a lot of work to do.


AL Central

Somebody has to be at the bottom, and it is the AL Central.

Detroit will win this division, as they are about as best of lock as there is in baseball.

Maybe Cleveland will continue to win close games and provide them a test at the end of the year, but can you really see the White Sox, Royals or Twins doing much in September? Me neither.