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Smokin’ Jay Cutler and The Bears

Smokin’ Jay Cutler and The Bears

Quietly, the Chicago Bears sit atop the NFC North division at 3-0. And sure, it’s only week four in the NFL, and the Bears are one of seven teams that are 3-0. But still, the way the Bears have been playing should be noted.

Firstly, the Bears defense does not even break the top 20. In fact, as of this week, they are right behind the horrendous, winless Giants in overall defense. But somehow they beat two teams within the top 20 overall offenses.

The reason their D does so well is they cause turnovers. Plane and simple, if you cause turnovers, which the Bears have done all season long, you score points, and win games. They have 12 turnovers in three games. Two of those were interceptions that were run back for touchdowns.

And their turnovers are not unbalanced. They have 7 fumble recoveries and 5 interceptions. Opponents have to fear them on the ground AND through the air.

Secondly, their offense may not be an unstoppable force, such as Denver’s, but they do what is expected of them. And it all starts with their laid-back leader, Smokin’ Jay Cutler. Yeah, it’s funny to joke about a guy who is so nonchalant and passive. But you can’t ask for much more than what Cutler has been doing.

Cutler’s touchdowns double his interceptions, he’s thrown for near 700 yards, and his passer rating is at 94.2 %. It’s hard for any Bears fan to complain about those numbers, especially when your team has been winning the way they have.

And not to mention, they have a guy named Matt Forte on the team. The Bears are 17th in the NFL for total rushing, but they’re only getting warmed up. Forte has 225 yards and 2 touchdowns. The past two weeks he’s rushed for over 80 yards. And if he keeps this trend up, he’ll certainly rush for over 1,000 yards this season.

This next game against in-division rivals, the Detroit Lions (2-1), will be a true test to see how good of a team the Bears are. The Lions are 4th in the NFL for total offense as of now, and 2nd in the league for passing.

This game will come down to the Bears defense. Cutler will play as good as he needs to, and not any better than that. The defense needs to make sure they do their job; causing turnovers and possibly snagging a touchdown for themselves.

Matt Stafford has already thrown for over 1000 yards, and Joique Bell makes you forget all about Reggie Bush. This will be an old-school football game.

Offense v. Defense. Bears v. Lions. Stafford v. Turnovers.

It’s a battle for first in the division. Let the games begin.