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Summerslam PPV: The Fans vs. The Company

Summerslam PPV: The Fans vs. The Company

Since John Cena/Daniel Bryan became official, I’ve kept my ear to the ground and heard everything that’s been said thus far. But it wasn’t until Monday night that I finally had what I needed to set the record straight on a few things. Cena was right: There is a lot of truth in what is being said, but there is also a lot of ignorance. Many have been really vocal about Bryan’s push being a “glass is half empty” situation. This is confusing coming from people like us because we are the ones who have been watching this guy wrestle in the holes he discussed, and in less than two weeks we get to see him on the grand stage of Summerslam in the main event against the top guy in the company.  We are getting exactly what we have always wanted, courtesy of the WWE. Yet a lot of people are choosing ignorance over truth and refusing to give the WWE any credit. It is the impossible rivalry of the fans versus the company.

As a massive Bryan fan, I’m happy because I’m watching the show. I’m not waiting for the WWE to screw everything up. Those of us who love Bryan are getting to watch the “Mr. McMahon” character to be the heel foil for Bryan. He says everything we don’t want to hear. He criticizes Bryan’s look, size, demeanor – everything. It plays to the character, not the actual Vince McMahon, and it seems like a lot of people are forgetting the difference between the two. He is representing the other side of the argument, and it wasn’t until Cena started putting down the glorification of wrestling that I understood what is going on and why so many fans refuse to be satisfied.

It’s not enough that Bryan was so over with the fans that the WWE had no choice but to push him and have him main event Summerslam with Cena. It’s not enough because of the idea that the evil WWE is going to find a way to screw everything up, and because anything less than a clean win for Bryan is basically a loss. Cena will squash him and kill his momentum. Either the WWE doesn’t trust Bryan as champion, or Randy Orton is going to take the spotlight away from everyone with the briefcase cash-in. Basically, the WWE will follow their own agenda. Why? Because our opinion doesn’t matter to them, despite the fact that we pushed Bryan in the first place, and despite the fact that the WWE playing Bryan as the underdog against the evil WWE and Cena plays directly into this mindset of the naysayers. The truth is Bryan on top is what we all want, but the argument of how it is done is the only thing that keeps the glass half empty – and the vocal minority with serious dry mouth.

Look at it this way: John Cena scolded Daniel Bryan for glorifying wrestling outside the WWE in smaller venues. John Cena doesn’t sound like a wrestling fan. He sounds like a WWE fan. And there is nothing wrong with that. WWE didn’t invent the rainy day – they just own the best umbrella. Then there is Daniel Bryan, and he sounds like a wrestling fan that made it to the WWE by becoming one of the best outside it. These are two completely different careers on different ends of the philosophical wrestling spectrum, and they’re meeting at Summerslam. But the WWE doesn’t always complicate the situation; sometimes that is our fault. Let’s accept that the WWE has taken responsibility and given Bryan the underdog role of a lifetime because the main event of Summerslam is truly all about him. We don’t need to worry about Bryan anymore. He will be just fine – win, lose or draw – and if some people would shift their perspective a little bit, they can see that it’s not the WWE that is being ignorant. Sometimes it is us who complicate things.

We need to take responsibility too.