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The Tom Brady Syndrome

The Tom Brady Syndrome

If you don’t realize how much Tom Brady means to the New England Patriots, the NFL and even ESPN, you found out last week.

When word quickly spread through social media that Brady had suffered a knee injury, panic came over everybody – Patriot fans, Patriot haters alike.

Brady’s injury was eventually cleared up as nothing serious, but it gave us all a little insight into the world of the NFL.

Whether you watch the NFL as a die-hard fan, a casual viewer or hate it, you know about it.

The sport is incredibly popular; heck, look at what DirecTV gets for the “Sunday Ticket” each year. You think any other sport, that offers just 17 weeks of coverage and to the point where you can really only watch two full games a day, could get that kind of dough paid by fans?

Heck no!

Injuries have become common place this preseason, but none would have been bigger than Brady going down for an extended period of time.

Las Vegas gambling sites took down Super Bowl, AFC and even AFC East bets when news first broke that the All-American quarterback might be lost for the season.

Brady quickly returned, pleasing everybody – well, everybody but other contenders in both the AFC and NFC hoping to keep the Pats from reaching the promised land.

Each team has that special player they could not lose.

For the Broncos, it is Peyton Manning. For the Vikings, Adrian Peterson. For the Packers, Aaron Rodgers.

For the Patriots, and the NFL, and TV giants like ESPN and the new FOX Sports 1, it’s Brady.

The movie-star hair, the out-of-this-world wife; he has it all going for him. Heck, gossip rags love to follow him around just to see what he is doing.

Don’t believe me? Google “Tom Brady” and “Hair.” Or “Brady” and “kid.” There are plenty of crazy, crazy posts.

Brady has been able to build himself up from a nobody to premier player in the NFL. The year he went down, things crumbled under the Patriot regime and the NFL was hit hard by that.

People like to see superstars play. People go to see superstars play. There really isn’t an easy way to say it.

So, while the Pats can exhale in terms of Brady and his knee, the rest of the world can continue living their everyday, normal, run-of-the-mill lives.

Carry on……

Speaking of New England, this whole Tim Tebow thing is just needs to end.

Tebow isn’t going to make it in the NFL with this team; there’s just no way it is going to happen.

Sure, it would make a great story if the former Heisman winner became a viable member of the best franchise in sports today, but it isn’t going to happen.

One completion for negative yards? Come on, that isn’t an NFL-caliber quarterback.

Running the ball like Tebow did, sure, he can do that every once in a while but defensive coordinators have had enough time to study tape and figure out how to stop him.

The Pats need to prepare Ryan Mallett, ignore Tebow and stick to that plan.