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The Tweet War That Could Break The Internet: Money Manziel v Money Mayweather


Money Manziel. Money Mayweather. Internet breakdown?

Today is a huge day for sports fans nationwide and it will most likely be a phenomenal day for the internet as well. Johnny Manziel and #6 Texas A&M host the #1 Alabama Crimson Tide at 3:30 Eastern Standard Time. Remember to pace yourself and work out early in the morning. Mow that lawn before noon. Empty the trash. Buy your wife roses. Don’t let anything mess with your sports vibe today. If you can successfully make it through the afternoon, please remember that it will only be halftime. Floyd Mayweather Jr. takes on Canelo Alvarez tonight in a battle of the undefeated.

Has anyone planned for what could happen today? This is a brave new world of sports and technology, and two of its main stars could make people lose their damn minds (or their own). “Did you see all the gold on that guy?” Ok, enough about Johnny Manziel.

There are many combinations of events that could derail the Twitter Train today.

1. Showtime’s Mayweather/Alvarez “All-Access” Ends With Johnny Manziel Cameo

This is realistic, right? Why couldn’t Johnny Football catch a ride in one of Money Mayweather’s jets? One possible reason is that Mayweather doesn’t want him in his jet. But hey, it’s the biggest social gathering of the week and you can’t pass that up. What’s a quick little trip to Vegas for Johnny F?

2. Pre-Game/Pre-Match TweetFest

@JManziel2: Hey Money, how are you feeling? Ready to get this money?

@FloydMayweather: Good luck.

@JManziel2: No luck here, Money. All skill. I got this, bro. Just lettin’ you know. Got to go. @drake #gethismoney

Johnny Manziel’s Tweet Rap doesn’t sit well with Money Mayweather.

3. Johnny Manziel Calls Out Floyd Mayweather In Pre-Game Press Conference

Johnny Football is feeling the swag after numerous tweets from fellow Aggie girls. As Manziel warms up on the field, the confidence sets in and he calls out Floyd Mayweather on Twitter through a “sub tweet”:

@JManziel2: Guess I’ll have to show the world who the real Money is! lol @drake #gotthis

4. Johnny Manziel Beats Alabama and Mayweather Shows Up In Jet

Please let this happen. What is the distance from Las Vegas to College Station? This whole scenario depends on Johnny Manziel feeling his swag and engaging Floyd Mayweather Jr.

5. Floyd Mayweather Jr. Loses and Johnny Manziel Loses. Both Party Hard.

Everyone loses. Manziel stops following Mayweather on Twitter and begins following Canelo Alvarez who tweets “Quien es Johnny Futbol?”

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