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Tim Tebow: AKA The Jacksonville Superstar

Tim Tebow: AKA The Jacksonville Superstar

Honestly, what does Jacksonville have to lose by bringing in Tim Tebow?


That went out the window when they got rid of Tom Coughlin all those years ago.


They haven’t had that since the early years of Jack Del Rio and Byron Leftwich.


Maybe Tebow doesn’t bring that, but he does bring one thing: ATTENTION.

The former Florida Gator standout isn’t going to become the next Peyton Manning, but with roster filled by Blaine Gabbert and Chad Henne at the top, Mr. Tebow definitely can do better.

At 26 years old, Tebow should still have plenty left in the tank, especially considering that he hasn’t played all that much since leaving Gator-land and the college ranks.

Tebow’s resume features a Heisman, a Davey O’Brien, a Manning and two BCS national titles. Case in point, he wins.

In the NFL, Tebow led the Broncos to the playoffs. Yes, they had a good ground game and an attacking defense, but it was Tebow at the helm, directing the offense and even throwing the winning score.

Two years later, and a cut by the New England Patriots, and he finds himself looking for a job.

Jacksonville loves Tebow.

They wanted him after word broke that the Broncos were going to deal him.

Instead, Tebow went to the New York Jets – just about the worse place in the world for a Christian-devoted quarterback at the center of everything.

As a high schooler, Tebow directed Nease to national prominence, even playing an entire half on a broken fibula. So, all those questions of his toughness, they are just plain stupid.

Back in 2009 after finishing up with Florida, all signs pointed to Tebow going to Jacksonville.

The Florida governor wanted it. The Jacksonville owner appeared on track.

But, it wasn’t meant to be.

Now, for the price of signing a player at likely the league minimum, Tebow can become a Jaguar.

Is Henne better?

Under 60-percent passing. More interceptions than touchdowns. No running ability.

Is Gabbert better?

Under 54-percent passing. Just two more TDs than interceptions. No running ability.

Tebow is right in line with those two in terms of passing success, though his number is lower at 48-percent. He has almost double the amount of touchdown passes as interceptions and has ran for almost 1,000 yards and 12 scores.

In this day and age of the spread offense and QBs like Cam Newton, RGIII and Terrelle Pryot, a team that is not in line to contend – as in, they don’t have an all-star line or wide receiving group – needs a signal-caller to be more than jut a passer.

Tebow is that.

Oh, and you don’t think that placing Tebow on the roster and in the starting lineup would mean more revenue and more Sunday, Monday or Thursday night football? Well, than you don’t remember how many Bronco games were picked up the year after Tebow started playing.

Jacksonville needs to make the call. Ring up Tebow.

If he doesn’t agree with them, at least they made the effort and can let that be known. Than, all the focus goes back to Tim Tebow and why he turned them down – if he doesn’t sign.