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Tim Tebow And The New England Patriots: How It Will All Turn Out

tim tebow

The biggest offseason decision involved a quarterback that will likely be third-string at the start of training camp.

However, when that quarterback is named Tim Tebow, what he does – and, more importantly, where he does it – generates headlines.

Tebow, after being released by the New York Jets, signed with division-rival New England. And, to clear up any confusion about whether he would play running back, tight end or some other position, the Patriots quickly made sure to say he would be under center.

New England currently boasts some guy named Tom Brady in the No. 1 spot, while youngster Ryan Mallett is also on the roster. Of course, in the current state of the NFL, an injury or two could mean a third-stringer leading the way rather quickly.

So, how will Tebow in Foxboro turn out? Better than his stint with the Broncos? Worse than his run with the Jets? Let’s take a look.


Tebow Excels In Multiple Roles

This is the most likely scenario for the former Heisman Trophy winner.

Despite the Pats saying he will be a quarterback, New England is the team that started moving players around before it was cool.

Troy Brown, a starting wide receiver, played defensive back; heck, they even used to place Randy Moss on defense in key situations.

Tebow could thrive in this role, as he is 6-foot-3 and well over 230 pounds of rock-hard muscle. Give him the ball in the “Wildcat” formation.

Split him out tight and dump off screens to him.

Heck, just line him up behind Brady in the I-formation and let him bulldoze to the end zone like he used to do in college.

If you play fantasy football, and your league awards touchdowns in bunches, Tebow could make a great addition. For the Pats, in a multi-purpose position, he will do just fine.


Brady Gets Hurt, Mallett Can’t Cut It, Tebow Starts

This would turn out worse than the experience with the Jets.

I’m not knocking Tebow one bit by saying that; he just isn’t fully-developed enough to be a starting QB in the NFL right now.

His run with the Broncos was masked by several bad throws and poor reads that the defense and his own improvisation eventually made up for.

Minus a healthy Brady, the Pats aren’t going anywhere. Mallett is just as inexperienced as Tebow, but he has a better grasp of the system and what it takes to be a pocket quarterback.

Tebow had just one season of completing 70-percent of his passes in college, and that was against very unsophisticated defenses. In the NFL, he’s completing only 48-percent of his throws. FORTY-EIGHT PERCENT!


Tebow Plays Well, Leaves For A Starting QB Job

Most wondered if the former Gator would wind up back in Florida with Jacksonville.

Instead, he decided to take his talents north, and maybe that is just what he needs to revitalize his career.

Tebow could perform well in spot duty, show those Bronco flashes and leave New England for a chance to replace another ineffective quarterback next year.