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Tony Romo: Five Ways To Silence The Critics

Tony Romo

What is America’s problem with Tony Romo?

The Dallas Cowboys were defeated by the Denver Broncos 51-48 on Sunday, and sports fans are losing their minds after Tony Romo threw a late 4th quarter interception. Classic Romo, right? You could almost feel the entire country laughing as Romo walked off the field in frustration. He completely LOST the game for Dallas. There was an opportunity, and Romo blew it once again for everybody. Forget the fact that Dallas only had a chance because their quarterback was almost perfect the entire game. 506 yards and 5 touchdown passes?

The errors of Tony Romo are so huge that the average fan fails to see the bigger picture: Tony Romo is statistically one of the best 4th quarter leaders in the game.

The brutal truth for the Dallas QB is that his regular season play doesn’t matter to anybody until he wins a Super Bowl. I couldn’t help but laugh on Sunday after I heard fans complaining about Romo’s play, and giving him absolutely zero credit for almost a perfect game.

T.R. – please do us all a favor, and win the Super Bowl this year. I know you can do it. Actually, I’m not so sure…but just try to throw those brutal interceptions in the third quarter so the ignorant fan can stop complaining about your fourth quarter stats.

What can Tony Romo do to silence the critics until he wins the Super Bowl? Here are a few suggestions:

1. Throw a Touchdown Pass Next Week

America’s attention span is struggling these days, and a simple touchdown pass to Dez Bryant will temporarily silence the fans. We need something to Tweet about, and it doesn’t even necessarily have to be a touchdown pass. All Romo needs to do is give the Armchair Quarterback a sweet, but incomplete, pass down the sidelines and America will fall in love all over again.

2. Throw For 700 Yards 

506 yards is weak, Tony Romo, and you know it. That’s not good enough when you are playing Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. Now that the bar has been set, fans will be expecting much more, and anything less than 450 is unacceptable. I think 700 yards is a good goal. Put that up on the ol’ bulletin board, Romo.

3. “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” Cameo

How can you lose? We are a Kardashian Nation, and if Romo can get find a way to get on this legendary television program then we all win. In fact, the episode immediately goes into a time capsule, and future generations can marvel at our wonder.

4. Defensive Cross-Over

48 points, Dallas D? We all know that Romo is an excellent athlete. Make it happen.

5. Sunday Night Football Sarcastic Apology

Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys have another huge game next week on Sunday Night Football against the Washington Redskins. In a perfect world, there would be a video intro with a sarcastic apology from Romo, however it would most likely have to be a pre-game interview. It might go something like this:

Dear America,

Before I step on the field in an attempt to entertain you, let me first apologize for my horrendous play last week against Denver. I now recognize that despite 506 yards passing, and five touchdowns, it’s all about “What have you done for me to lately?”

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