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What’s In A Name? Washington Says A Lot

What’s In A Name? Washington Says A Lot

That picture atop this story has caused quite a stir in our nation’s capitol.

Not that picture, exactly, but what’s right there. Square in the middle.

The Washington Redskins have been called that since 1937, with the Redskins nickname dating back four years prior when the team changed from the Boston Braves to the Boston Redskins.

So, why is it such a big deal now?

Well, in all reality, it’s been an issue in the Native American community for a long time. It just seems to have picked up more national interest as of late.

Why is that?

Two words for you:

Daniel Snyder.

The big-time majority owner of the franchise doesn’t like to listen to anybody that isn’t, well, himself.

Snyder is believed to be worth a billion dollars, so generally, what he says, goes. He’s made the call on draft-day choices, on free-agent acquisitions and head coaches for Washington; despite having little-to-no previous football experience and even less success since taking over.

(Disclaimer: I’m kind of ignoring last year and the RGIII run through the NFL for the time being because it appears to be a one-year fluke and we have yet to see a track record in regards to it keeping up. We’ll give him the benefit of the doubt there, but had he bypassed Griffin, it would have been the biggest mistake ever).

Snyder has felt the pressure of leading the franchise, taking hits from the fan base for years. This whole nickname issue could be the final straw – win or lose for Snyder.

Recently, nickname-gate has become such a big ordeal that even President Obama has stepped in, stating his desire to see the team remove the “insensitive” name.

I’m not of Native American heritage, but it just seems weird to me that this is such a big ordeal. For one, the President really has more pressing needs, like government and shutdowns and things of that nature.

But, if you are going to go after a professional team as hot and heavy as Washington, you can’t let the Atlanta Braves and their logo escape the wrath, right?

Is there just a grip against the Redskins because of their location, in D.C.? It would appear that way, and I think Snyder knows that.

Snyder made a valid point recently when he stated that the Red Cloud Athletic Fund – which is located on an Indian reservation – helped design the logo of the team, changing it from an “R” to the current American Indian head.

So, if that group was willing enough to work with the team on a logo change of that nature, what is wrong with it?

You can’t please everybody regardless of what you do. Nobody is ever 100-percent satisfied.

If you change the Redskins nickname, what’s to say it won’t be something insensitive to others? Or upset another group of people?

Is the nickname Cowboys used by Dallas an issue? No, but it sure could be taken that way if you wanted to.

How about the Browns? Or Vikings?

Heck, maybe lions don’t like being labelled with that poorly-ran franchise in Detroit! I’m just saying…..